Bathurst Base Hospital benefits from Humpty Dumpty Balmoral Burn

MORE than 10,000 people attended a fun run in Sydney earlier this year, but one of the big winners was Bathurst Base Hospital.

The Humpty Dumpty Balmoral Burn, held in Mosman in May, was part of the Humpty Dumpty Foundation’s big weekend of fundraising for hospitals.

Part of the funds raised have been used to purchase four pieces of equipment for Bathurst.

The pieces of equipment are the Agilia Injectomat MC Syringe Pump ($2910), Connex Vital Signs Monitor ($5275), IntelliVue MX400 Patient Monitor ($14,200) and Rad 5 Pulse Oximeter ($1760) for Bathurst Base Hospital’s emergency department.

Children’s drug doses are calculated on weight, therefore often very small volumes must be given into tiny veins at a very controlled rate. 

The Agilia Injectomat MC Syringe Pump is dose rated and has micro-rated functionality. 

It has the capacity to store predefined drug parameters, which aids in reducing the risk of programming errors to maximise safety. 

Currently Bathurst Base Hospital does not possess syringe drivers capable of using small 2, 5 or 10ml syringes, so this equipment is both urgent to their needs and vital for the safety of babies and children in their care.

The Connex Vital Signs Monitor allows monitoring of vital signs like temperature, blood pressure and oxygen saturation levels in the paediatric setting. 

It will enable more accurate assessment of vital signs to improve clinical outcomes. 

The reusable finger sensor also allows for freedom of movement and provides the ability to care for children in multiple situations and settings.

The IntelliVue MX400 Patient Monitor can record and display a sick child’s pulse/heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rate and oxygen levels. Medical staff are alerted immediately when any of these vital signs change in order to avert a potentially dangerous situation. 

The monitor displays the child’s vital signs at the bedside, or remotely on a computer at the nurse station. 

The ability to remotely monitor the child’s vital signs promotes sleep and rest and therefore enhances the child’s ability to heal.

The Rad 5 Pulse Oximeter allows nurses to record oxygen levels efficiently.

Locals interested in supporting the Humpty Dumpty Foundation and its fundraising for hospital equipment should visit

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