OPINION: Windradyne Whisperer with Lachlan Sullivan

WET, WET WET: The wet months have tested people's patience, but it won't be long before showers and cool weather are a welcome change during the hot months.

WET, WET WET: The wet months have tested people's patience, but it won't be long before showers and cool weather are a welcome change during the hot months.

One wag, astounded that Bathurst ratepayers would cover the costs of local conservationists’ proposed kangaroo drive on Mount Panorama to relocate 150 roos from Appleton Orchard, has a different idea.

This wag suggests there are more rabbits on the Mount than roos, “so next we’ll be paying for a bunny drive”.

And that’s not the end of it. 

“Apologies to Souths supporters, but I reckon we need to have a councillor drive instead,” the wag said. 

Don’t you just love Australian humour?

Better wet than fire

YES, it’s wet. Yes, we’ve all heard the old adage “there’s more money in mud than there is in dust”. The continual wet spring, however, is testing even the strongest Christians.

But I was reminded by an elderly western grazier that “flooded country is better than a fire”.

They are wise words, I suggest, as it won’t be long before we’ll be looking for a cool change and a shower while keeping a close eye on lightning strikes causing bushfires, as there will certainly be plenty of grass to burn.

Circular logic makes sense

THE temporary roundabout at the corner of the Great Western Highway and Littlebourne Street is the dodgiest looking piece of roadworks west of the sandstone curtain, but it has immediately and significantly improved the flow of traffic during off peak and peak hour times.

In so doing it has deflected all the negative comment in the city regarding the design proposal of a three-lane roundabout at the intersection. 

Gone are the queues at afternoon knock-off time back past the railway line on Littlebourne Street and gone is the queue on the Bathurst side of Littlebourne Street as traffic backed up towards View Street while drivers waited to turn right into Littlebourne Street. 

The future bottleneck at Kelso will be the lights at Maccas Kelso. 

Clearly, a roundabout is the best option at the Littlebourne Street intersection, so maybe lights are not the best option for the George and Howick streets intersection after all.

A man who made his mark

I WISH to offer my condolences to the Bolam family on the passing of Bruce. 

Bruce Bolam and family certainly made their mark on the Bathurst region over the past 40 years. 

Bruce was driven and the Bathurst region benefited significantly as a result. 

I’ll miss his phone call every now and then as he pretended to be someone I may have mentioned in my column at the time. 

He’d mask his voice when he rang, trying to hold back laughter.

May he rest in peace.

Thumbs up

THE temporary, but dodgy looking roundabout working very well at the intersection of the Great Western Highway and Littlebourne Street, Kelso.

Thumbs down

THE whisper that V8 Supercars Australia won’t be using Bathurst region food catering suppliers for the upcoming Bathurst 1000. 

I thought our council was a consortium partner in our event? What does that say?

                                                 - LACHLAN SULLIVAN

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