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ACCESS: Property developer Bruce Bolam has been remembered for his work to make his buildings accessible.

ACCESS: Property developer Bruce Bolam has been remembered for his work to make his buildings accessible.

Bullish Baird is in for a nasty election shock

I HAVE noted, in various media forms, comments that Premier Mike Baird has advised his members that not only will they win the next election, they will do so with an increased majority.

When I initially became aware of this comment I assumed that it must be incorrect or referred to another state and government.

But I was wrong.

The concern is that it indicates that up to the next election we can expect to see more “killing fleas with elephant guns” by the NSW Government similar to those already experienced – like the lockout laws, council amalgamations and greyhound racing.

These future government initiatives will not be issues about which the NSW Government sought approval prior to the last election and any subsequent discussion with the public will be along the lines of “if I want your opinion I’ll tell you what it is”.

I wonder whether Troy Grant shares the Premier’s opinion?

Surely he must realise that as the leader of the party who sold out the country people who put them in office that he has to be on shaky ground.

It has been suggested that the reported production of “Troy Coins”, reflecting his achievements in government, is an indication that he does realise that time is running out and is an attempt to try to establish a legacy of his time in parliament.

A more appropriate mint would have been 30 pieces of silver.

Keith Sullivan, Oberon

Bruce’s legacy will be one of greater access in CBD

THE real friend of those with disability, Bruce Bolam, will be missed in the Bathurst building and renovation industry.

In my opinion, Mr Bolam was always conscious of the accessibility of his building portfolio, rectifying deficiencies whenever and wherever he could.

Many old buildings, previously inaccessible, were made at least partially if not fully accessible after Mr Bolam added his magic touch – the AMP building, the new building in George Street nearly completed, the retail shops in the Leading Edge Electronics building, the building across the road on the corner of Howick and George, including the hearing clinic, the shops where the health food shop in George Street is located, and shops in Keppel Street, just to name a few.

Mr Bolam was always ready to listen to my access requests, no matter how informally presented.

Mr Bolam was always ready to have a chat if saw me in the street, irrespective of his probable tight schedule.

He always gave a wave if passing in his car and was ready to acknowledge and chat if at a council meeting.

He often sought an opinion on contentious Bathurst issues that may have been before council so he could ascertain the general feeling in the public domain.

On behalf of all the members of the Bathurst Regional Access Committee, our thoughts are with his family and we will certainly miss him and his devotion to improving the quality of life for all.

Bathurst Regional Access Committee chairman/secretary Bob Triming 

Thanks to the volunteers, donations will be given

​AS the co-ordinators of the Bathurst Eisteddfod Volunteer Catering group, we wish to express our sincere thanks to the many volunteers for their assistance with the catering during the Bathurst Eisteddfod.

Through the efforts of these volunteers, morning/afternoon tea and lunch was provided to the many visitors/competitors who visited Bathurst this year and substantial donations will be given to:

  • Bathurst Child and Family Network
  • Bathurst Eisteddfod

Thank you one and all. Your help was greatly appreciated.

Noelene Phillips and Pat Cutts, co-ordinators

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