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Bathurst City Men’s Bowls

by Jim Grives

Friday, September 16: Only Ten bowlers nominated to play on a great Spring afternoon at the City

Game 1: After the sixth end, Skip Ray Noonan and Ian Hurford were leading eight shots to three shots over Skip Ron Cambey and Grahame Spurway,who were down six shots to 14 shots after the 11th end,Noonan and Hurford, then led 15-9 after the 15th end. Both teams each scored five shots with Noonan and Hurford winning 20-14 after the 21st end.

Game 2: In the Triples game,Skip, Denis Oxley,Pat Duff and George Ballard  combined very well to lead 7 shots to nil after the 4th end, against Skip.Gary Ellis,Barry McPherson and Annette McPherson, who were down 5 shots to 10 shots after the 9th end. Team Oxley led 17 shots to 9 shots after the 14th end, finally being successful 23 shots to 11 shots, after the 18th end over Team Ellis. The ring-in prize winner was Barry McPherson.

Saturday, September 17: The Zone four Bowls NSW Pairs Qualifying  games was held at the City, with the Majellan pair of Greg Quartly-Scott and Ron McGarry  winning the days competition. Congratulations to them and to Gordon Adams for again organising another successful competition. Also to John Allbutt for his unselfish time in being our Umpire again.

Social Bowls Game 1:  By scoring four shots on the fourth end, Skip Garry Hotham and Trevor Kellock, ( Welcome back, Trevor) drew the scores at five shots all with Skip John Archer and Garry Connors, who finished the best to win 23-17,after the 21st end.

Game 2: Beginning  exceptionally well, Skip Peter Floyd and Arthur Williams were leading  14 shots to two shots after the ninth end, they then led 21-2  after the 13th end over Skip Ray Noonan and Phill.Murray, who finished the best scoring 8-3 shots, but still lost 10-24 after the 21st end.

Game 3: On the fourth end, Skip Norm Hayes and our visiting bowler from Old Bar, former Bathurstian, Bob Baker scored a great six shots to lead 10-4 over Skip Hans Hummelshoj and Bob Bennett, who were down 10-13. By scoring 18 shot to One shot, Hayes and Baker were victorious 31-11, after the 20th end.

Game 4: Combining very well, Skip Bob Lindsay, Jim Grives and Merv James were leading 12 shots to one shot after the seventh end over Skip Brian Bromfield, John Fulton and Howard Sutton, ( Welcome back to Howard, who after a four years spell, has returned to play Lawn Bowls at the City.) won the next six consecutive ends to be just down, 11-12 . By scoring 9 shots to 5 shots, Team Lindsay won a great game of Lawn Bowls,  21-16. The ring-in prize was won by Merv James.

Sunday, September 18: Our "Two Bowl " Triples Competition was held on a very wet Spring morning at the City. After a delay start, because of the continuous rain,. Twelve teams commenced playing on a extremely heavy green.

First prize of $180 was won by Skip Ray Noonan, Bob Foster and Ian Cunningham with a score of 19 shots. Second prize of $120 was won by Skip Rod Dixon, Chris.Keith and Denis Oxley, with a score of 16 shots. Third prize of $90 was won by Skip Richard Simpson, Jim Grives and Bob Heffernan with a score of 10 shots.

President, Jim Grives thanked all the Bowlers, who travelled from the Blayney,Oberon , Majellan and our own Club members,for playing in the" Two Bowl' triples today. He especially thanked Gary Ellis and Garry Connors for cooking our tasty lunch.Also Gordon Adams for being our Barman.Today was our first time that we have used an  Electronic Programme,which was shown on our large screen with the draw and the final results. Many thanks to John Archer and Gary Ellis.

Monday, September 19 Jackpot Bowls: On a very sunny Spring afternoon, eight bowlers nominated to play two games of social pairs,which were selected by John Lindsell, who did a  mighty good job of selecting todays  teams.

Game 1: On the fourth end, Skip.Barry McPherson and Arthur Williams scored two shots to level the scores at seven shots each with Skip Bob Heffernan and Jeff Larsen, who looked the likely winner when they were leading 13-7 after the 13th end, but McPherson and Williams fought back, by  winning the final five ends to be successful 14 shots to 13 shots, after the 18th end.

Game 2: This game was also a great game of Lawn Bowls, as Skip. Norm.Hayes and Ian Hurford were the early leaders, over Skip. Denis Oxley and John Martin, who levelled the scores at 13 shots all after the 17th end, But Hayes and Hurford then scored two shots to be victorious 15-13, after the 18th end.

2016 Club Triples: The first round of the Club Triples will commence this Saturday,  all Bowlers should remember that there is a strict " Play or Forfeit " Rule for these games. Best wishes to all our Club members and their families,who maybe ill. Get better soon.

Majellan Bowling Club

by Bob the Bowler

Social Bowls: Rink winners for the Tuesday Afternoon Social Competition this week were Noel Witney, Ken Hartwig and Jim Clark who scored a 32-10 win over Darryl Bellamy, Bob Jenkins and Jim Clark who struggled to make double figures. The Witney team dominated the match with the Bellamy team collecting first points in the sixth end with a one. Despite scoring a three in the seventh and 11th ends, the Bellamy team stopped scoring after the 11th end until the 20th and 21st ends with single shots to go down by 22 shots.

On rink three, John Hobson and Gus Thurgood scored a 26-15 win over Alan Clark and Peter O’Hara, after the Clark team opened the scoring to lead 2-0 by the third end when the Hobson team scored first points with a four. From this point on the Hobson team took control of the match and were never headed scoring a six in the 22nd end to seal the 11 shot win comfortably.

Tony McNamara, Mick Redfern and Terry Clark came from behind to score a 22-18 win over Paul Kennedy, Ron McGarry and Bob Bembrick after the Kennedy team led 6-0 going into the fifth end. The McNamara team scored first points in the fifth end but once they got going, they won all but one of the next eight ends to lead the match by 17-7 going into the 13th end. Despite a late run from the 18th end by the Kennedy team, which included a three on the 18th and 20th ends, the McNamara team dominated the card to take a four shot win. Frank Farrell, coming off a great win last week in the Club Minor Singles, paired with Kevin Howard to score a 22-15 win over Tony Hogan and Trevor Pallister on rink two. Jumping from the blocks the Farrell team led 6-0 going into the fourth end when the Hogan team scored two on the fourth and fifth ends to register first points.

The Farrell team came back with two and four to extend their lead to 13-4 going into the eighth end when the Hogan team scored another two. From here, the Farrell team surged scoring on the next six ends to lead 21-8 going in to the 15th end. Despite collecting just one more end win, the Farrell team had done enough to secure the win by seven shots after 21 ends. Saturday’s saw four rinks of social bowlers and two Club Championship games at Majellan. The game with the biggest margin of the day was the Peter Naylor and Steve Corby combination with a 37-8 win over Tony McNamara and Allan North.

Setting the tone early, the Naylor team scored a two then three opening run followed by another two in the fourth end to lead 7-2 going into the fifth end. Winning every end but one from the sixth to the 14th ends, the Naylor team collected a total of 26 points to the McNamara teams one shot which included a seven, two four’s and two three’s. The McNamara team could only manage to score on six of the 20 ends played.

Mick McDonald, Barry Quigley and Terry Clark scored a 24-12 win over Paul Kennedy, Tony Press and Garry Cameron after the McDonald team jumped with a three in the first end. The Kennedy team scored in the second end and were not given the mat again until the 10th end when the scores were 14-2 against them and their fate was sealed not reaching double figures until the 19th end.

John Hobson combined with Peter Zylstra and Derrick Huender to score a 21-15 win over Tony Hogan, Barry O’Keefe and Frank Farrell. Jumping early to lead 5-0 going into the third end, the Hobson team were never headed to win by six, despite the Hogan team charge from the 15th end to win five of the last seven ends it was not enough.

On rink 11, Merle Stephens and Wendy Rainer scored a 16-13 win over Jean Wild and Lorna Hayes, despite the Wild team coming back to even the match in the 13th end 11 all. The end wins were all even at nine wins per team, it was the scoring margin that won on the day with a four shot win in the ninth end and two shot wins in the second, 10th, 15th and 17th ends for the Stephens team.

Club Championships and Tournaments: Two first round matches in the 2016 Minor Single Championship were played on Saturday with Mick Tremain taking a 31-24 win over Scott Chapman in their match with Daryl Whitton as marker. In a game that had everything, Chapman scored first with Tremain bouncing straight back with a three, two and two run that gave him the lead 7-1 going into the fifth end where Chapman scored a four to stay in the match.

A run of four end wins had Tremain’s lead out to 14-5 going into the 10th end when Chapman scored two, and it was 16-7 going into the 13th end. Chapman then scored wins in the next six ends to assume the lead at 21-16 going into the 19th end and the game was on. The scores were even at 24 all in the 26th end, but from here Tremain took control and won the last three ends with a one, a two then a four to win by seven shots. David Josh won his first round match against Gus Thurgood 31-20 with Gary Gibson as marker. Josh led 9-3 going into the eighth end and with an end win split of 18-13 to Josh, he was never in trouble.

Sunday was not a great day for bowls however, Derrick Huender scored a massive 31-7 win over Peter Drew with Denise Huender as marker in their Minor Singles match. Drew was never in the match with Huender taking the lead to 7-0 before Drew scored a one in the fourth end. By the time Drew scored again in the ninth with a three, Huender had the lead 15-1 and the match was done. Scoring on 18 of the 22 ends played, Huender delivered a master class to send a message to the other contenders for the 2016 Club Championship title.

Spring Bowling: Gus Thurgood at Majellan during B Singles match. Pic Phil Blatch.

Spring Bowling: Gus Thurgood at Majellan during B Singles match. Pic Phil Blatch.

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