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REPERCUSSIONS: Member for Cootamundra Katrina Hodgkinson was demoted after opposing the NSW Government's greyhound racing ban.

REPERCUSSIONS: Member for Cootamundra Katrina Hodgkinson was demoted after opposing the NSW Government's greyhound racing ban.

Controls are needed for dog racing, not a ban

WE are absolutely disgusted with the NSW Coalition Government’s dictatorial decision to ban greyhound racing in NSW.

The Government does not have the right to destroy the livelihood and wellbeing of so many innocent people.

If malpractice is a component of greyhound racing and other industries, it should be eliminated by the implementation of appropriate legislation and heavy penalties, not the elimination of the livelihood and subsequently the destruction of the lives of the many honest, innocent people involved in this multi-million dollar industry.

Is the Government admitting that it does not have the ability to administer these controls or are there ulterior motives?

It is very disappointing that only a very small number of Members of State Parliament had the intestinal fortitude to oppose this draconian measure.

Why is that? We think the answer is obvious. Look at the demotion of the people who did oppose this injustice.

It is also very disturbing that a number of Members who supported the banning of greyhound racing in NSW have successful greyhound tracks in their electorates – we were of the opinion that the foremost priority of the National Party was to “fight for” and support country electorates and country people.

It would seem that, by the upholding of the ban, this is not the case.

Are we now to expect that this destructive injustice will be applied to the thoroughbred and harness racing industries?

Why would this be the case when the Government extracts millions of dollars from these three racing industries each year?

We would point out that we have no connection whatsoever to the greyhound industry, but we take pride in the ability to identify a gross injustice when we see one.

In our opinion the Government is about to find out that a lot of people think the way we do.

We have been members of the National Party and voted as such for as long as we can remember (which is a long time now as we are well into our 70s).

We have made the decision that, because of this unjust legislative implementation, we no longer wish to remain members of a dictatorship that is capable of such unfairness.

We will not be voting for Liberal or National Party candidates in NSW elections in the future.

We will also not be contributing in any way to the State National Party.

Vic and Rita Arrow, Kelso

Consumers are waking up to the real cost of milk

DISUNITY is death, as political leaders like to say, and the animosity between factions of the dairy industry reflects this.

Currently, an unsightly squabble over so-called A2 protein is heading to court. Meanwhile, farmers are complaining over the loss of income as milk processors pay them less than production costs.

The dairy industry is in terminal decline. Dairy Australia talks about a "deep and persistent trough in international dairy markets" and admits that less than half of farmers now feel positive about the industry.

Their pessimism is well placed. Consumers are learning more about how most dairy products are loaded with calories, saturated fat, and cholesterol.

People are also becoming aware of how dairy farms take calves away from their mothers within hours of birth so that humans can steal the milk that nature intended for calves.

The dairy industry is in decline because consumers are waking up to the unnecessary brutality for which we’ve been paying.

Humans don’t need, or increasingly want, to drink cows’ milk, and we’re healthier if we don’t. With so many delicious, dairy-free milks on the market, why not choose healthy and humane plant-based milks instead?

Des Bellamy, special projects co-ordinator, PETA Australia

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