Bathurst and District Vaulting ready for Sydney Royal | Video, photos, pictures

WHILE others might sit, these riders jump, handstand and reach for the stars – all on top of a moving horse.

The Bathurst and district equestrian vaulting team has been asked to perform as part of the daily show at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

“It’s a combination of gymnastics and dance on a moving horse,” Blayney vaulter Eliza Wark-Chapman said.

“There’s up to three people at a time on a horse.”

Fleur Sykes, 15, and her sister Ivy Sykes, 12, are among the Bathurst performers and they are excited about the opportunity.

“It’s really exciting because I’ve never had the opportunity to do this before.”

While, Ivy said “if you grow up as a vaulter it’s easier”.

Ms Wark-Chapman said equestrian vaulting was a relatively small sport in Australia, but was much more widely followed in Europe.

“Because it’s a smaller sport we get the opportunity to train with some very high-level coaches, but at the same time we don’t have the wealth of knowledge,” she said.

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