Laptop lessons for the teachers

BATHURST High School teachers hit the books, or rather the netbooks, yesterday, as part of the State Government’s two week testing phase for wireless laptops.

Bathurst High School is among three schools participating in the trial, which precedes a statewide roll-out of of technology in term three.

Fifteen staff, representing a range of subjects, began training this week, eagerly learning the ins-and-outs of Windows 7, which is not yet commercially available.

Bathurst High School assistant principal Jenny Stirling said that so far the training had been fantastic and provided staff with a fantastic opportunity to learn the latest technology to pass on to students.

“Five of us went to Adobe training in Sydney - it’s all part of the process,” Mrs Stirling said.

Mrs Stirling said curriculum directorates were also working with staff during the training process, planning curriculum programs on the laptops which will then be used in the classroom.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity, we certainly feel very privileged,” she said.

School principal Geoff Hastings said the school’s involvement in the program was a reflection of where the school stood in terms of technology.

He said the digital education revolution has the power to change the way classrooms operate. The school’s wireless infrastructure, which supports the new program, was installed last week.

Mr Hastings described the infrastructure as “brilliant”.

“It took three days to install, they [the installers] are completing 30 schools a week,” he said. “By the end of the year all DET (Department of education and Training) schools will be fully wireless.”