Did the Lithgow Panther leave paw print proof?

Phil Whittaker with the panther paw print cast

Phil Whittaker with the panther paw print cast

THERE are plenty of skeptics out there who chose to ignore evidence of the existence of the Lithgow Panther.

Lithgow resident Phil Whittaker is not one of them.

Phil has sighted the mystery creature on a number of occasions and says there’s now more than one.

According to Phil’s sightings there appears to be a cub.

And if our panther’s a mum that means there has to be a dad.

To prove his sightings are far more than a figment of imagination Phil has in the past week taken casts of what he believes are paw tracks from a very big cat.

Seeing is believing and when Phil showed his casting to the Lithgow Mercury it was difficult to dispute that there’s something out there.

Phil says he had observed a large cat like animal on cliff ledges below Zig Zag more than once recently and there was a smaller animal with it at times.

His latest sighting intrigued him sufficiently to take a trek up the mountain after the rain.

He found large paw prints with prominent claws in the soft clay and took casts.

His sightings were not far from where two police officers declared they had become firm believers in the panther story after a large black cat like animal crossed in front of the police car when they were patrolling near the top of Scenic Hill at night a few years back.

“People can scoff but I know what I have been seeing,” he said.

He said friends had recently told him of similar sightings in bushland near Cullen Bullen.

There were plenty of sightings by credible people a few years back but these had died off in recent times. Until now.


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