Who has the secret to Reg’s shocking death?

IT’S heartening to know that Bathurst police have not given up hope of finding the people responsible for Reg Mullaly’s death last year.

It shows they care, and the community must care as well.

Mr Mullaly’s body was found under the Denison Bridge near the Great Western Highway in September 2015.

It was in some ways a shockingly public death for someone who had lived for some time in the shadows of our community.

Most of us recognise that there are homeless people in Bathurst but too often it is easy for us to turn a blind eye to their plight.

But when Reg Mullaly was found dead beside a popular walkway within walking distance of the centre of Bathurst, and later found to have died from stab wounds to the chest, the homeless community could be ignored no longer.

People were suddenly keen to learn more about Mr Mullaly and struggled to understand why anyone would want him dead.

Police launched a major investigation and were given plenty of leads to follow up in the days and weeks immediately after his death.

But as those leads went cold Mr Mullaly’s case looked destined to become another of Bathurst’s shameful mysteries.

Well, maybe not just yet.

Police have now renewed their plea for information after revealing callers last year identified potential persons of interest in this case.

Police must think those callers were on to something because they now want to hear from them again.

Almost 12 months down the track, this remains an ongoing investigation and we must all maintain hope that there will still be justice for Reg Mullaly.

Those who knew him described Reg Mullaly as someone who never did anyone any harm. Sadly, in his last moments on earth he was not paid that same respect.

In life, Reg Mullaly was one of Bathurst’s forgotten men.

In death, though, investigating officers are determined that he will be remembered – and that those responsible for his murder are held responsible for their actions.

Someone knows what happened to Reg Mullaly and they have harboured that terrible secret for more than a year.

Now is the time to end the silence. Now is the time to speak up.

Let’s give Reg Mullaly the respect in death that he was often denied in life.

This city does not need any more secrets.