OPINION: Parade takes a lighter look at life in Bathurst and surrounds

SNAPSHOT: Reader Anne Hodges took this photo of Bathurst's CBD jewel, Machattie Park.
SNAPSHOT: Reader Anne Hodges took this photo of Bathurst's CBD jewel, Machattie Park.

PARADE once lived in a town on the plains, so he appreciates the many hills and high points throughout the Bathurst urban area.

(Parade’s previous home was so flat that locals training for the Sydney City to Surf would endlessly run up and down the one modest protuberance on which the local hospital sat in a vain attempt to get ready for the big event in the NSW capital.)

Parade has written before in this space about what a terrific view you can get from the Bentinck Street side of Stannies at night, with the city’s lights spread out below you.

Another of Parade’s favoured evening views is from the top of Russell Street looking down at the Carillon, while Eglinton’s residential expansion is also creating some nice views in particular spots in West Bathurst and Llanarth as street lights march out on to what were previously paddocks.

Then there are the views that you know exist, but you haven’t had the chance to enjoy them before.

That was Parade’s experience on Thursday when he drove up into the Holy Trinity Anglican Church grounds at Kelso for the first time.

To say it’s a nice spot doesn’t really do it justice. It was clear and sunny when Parade was there – a day made for staring out over the city, with Mount Panorama in the background, in a reflective frame of mind.

When the Holy Trinity Kelso Spring Fair is held on Saturday, some will be there for the barbecue, some will be there for the arts and crafts and some will be there for the home-made cakes.

If you haven’t been there before, Parade reckons it’s worth a drive to the fair just to enjoy a different perspective on the city (and have something from the barbecue at the same time, of course).

Take your lead from dog study

AND now some news to please dog lovers (and make cat lovers feel jealous).

A new international study has found dog walkers are not only physically active on more days of the week than non-dog walkers, but that walking the dog (and this is the interesting part) can help people in their neighbourhood feel safer.

Sounds like a good reason to put the pooch on a lead.