Charlton's Phil Brock has no qualms over movie about his legendary brother Peter Brock

Phil Brock promotes his Weekend at Brocky's tribute event at Charlton in 2014.
Phil Brock promotes his Weekend at Brocky's tribute event at Charlton in 2014.

THE central Victorian-based brother of Australian motor racing legend Peter Brock says he is indifferent to the social media backlash to Channel Ten's Brock telemovie.

Sunday night's part-one of the two-part series drew 1.3 million viewers nationally, and was panned by many who took to social media to voice their disapproval.

Even members of Brock's own family - most notably his stepson James -were scathing of the television production.

But Charlton man Phil Brock, Peter's older brother, said he would reserve judgement until watching the telemovie again, perhaps in a months time.

He agreed with some critics that the timeline and version of some events were not entirely accurate, which he put down to producers having to streamline more than 30 years into four hours.

But he hoped Peter's fan's would appreciate the effort to tell parts of his story.

"To try and tell the full story would probably take you three weeks," Phil said.

"Of course the cost of that would be astronomical.

"In some ways the upside is, if there is publicity out there about Peter, well at least they (the fans) are getting a bit of Peter Brock.

"The can use that whichever way they like, which is fine."

The movie was produced by Kerrie Mainwaring whose previous credits included  INXS: Never Tear Us Apart, Peter Allen: Not The Boy Next Door and Catching Milat.

"I've seen a couple of their shows and the one I took the most interest in was the Peter Allen one," Phil said.

"Comparing to that to my brother Peter, the difference is real simple, Peter Allen I didn't know what his history was.

"Therefore I was interested and whatever came out was brand new to me.

"The Peter Brock one, everything I saw I sort of knew directly, or closely, so being something that wasn't totally factual time-wise, I was more analysing the movie instead of sitting back and enjoying it."

Phil has done more than most to keep his younger brother's legacy alive.

For the past two years he has organised the popular Weekend at Brocky's tribute event, which drew thousands of people to Charlton in 2014 and the Shepparton Motor Museum earlier this year.

Offspring's Matt Le Nevez played the role of Peter Brock. It was his second time cast as a legendary Australian sportsman after he played the role of Dennis Lillee in Howzat! Kerry Packer's War.

Ben Hall was cast as Phil Brock, who famously denied a chance at a Bathurst win when brother Peter and co-driver Larry Perkins took  over his and John Harvey's car during the 1983 race.

Brock and Perkins went on to win in their teammates #25 Holden.

The friction between the brothers was recreated during the movie.

Phil insisted he had never really spoken to Peter about the happenings in '83 and had got over it a long time ago.

"In essence, a few people I know in the motor sport industry, even some spectators, they liked it," he said.

"But they are not fanatical Brock supporters - and there's a difference.

"And I certainly would say all fanatical Brock supporters would dislike it at all - that will vary I gather."

Phil saw humour in being depicted by Hall, who is best known for his role as Ned Willis on Neighbours.

"I'm a good six inches shorter on TV than I am now," he said.

"On a whole, with my stuff, I was happy as. I came up pretty much unscathed.

"I'm sure in a month's time I will sit down and watch it again and see how I feel and react to it them.

"I was a bit too close to it, especially after being at Bathurst for six days."

This year's great race was the 10th anniversary since Peter's death, with Phil honoured to present the winner's trophy to Will Davidson.

He suspects Peter's former partner Bev Brock may have had some influence with producers on how his death at the Targa West '06 rally was depicted.

"Bev has come out a few times and said (Peter) was exhausted," he said.

"The actual Coroner's report - there was no fatigue at all in Peter's body.

His navigator and co-driver during the rally, Mick Hone has previously refuted claims Brock was "too tired" to compete.

The Coroner ruled Brock's death at Gidgegannup was due to excessive speed.


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