Man jailed for unprovoked attack

A MAN who attacked a complete stranger as he was shopping in Target has been jailed for four months.

Mark Kennedy, 33, of Landa Street, Bowenfels appeared in Bathurst Local Court via audio-visual link on Monday.

Magistrate Michael Allen heard that Kennedy lashed out at a complete stranger in an unprovoked attack about 12.30pm on December 16 last year.

Police facts tendered to the court told how Kennedy was sitting at a table outside Big W in Stockland Bathurst when the victim walked past him on the way to Target.

Kennedy left the table and confronted the victim, threatening him.

The victim had words with Kennedy before walking into Target were he was again approached by Kennedy.

Kennedy was yelling and screaming before lashing out in an unprovoked attack.

A scuffle ensued and a number of shelves were knocked over as about $500 worth of stock was damaged.

The victim managed to land a punch on the accused, splitting his forehead and making it bleed.

As the pair continued to struggle the victim pushed Kennedy away but he continued to abuse the victim before leaving the store .

The victim remained with security, Target staff members and a number of witnesses who had contacted police.

Police were told Kennedy had entered a black hatchback which they found at the red lights at William Street. 

Witnesses told police the victim was assaulted in an unprovoked attack. After talking with witnesses, the police then went to the assistance of the other police who had arrested Kennedy in the car.

The court heard Kennedy was aggressive and screaming and wouldn’t get out of the car. When he was pulled from the car he was extremely agitated.

Police spoke to his father and other people who knew Kennedy who indicated he was intoxicated and affected by the drug ice.

At the police station Kennedy continued to resist police. He also clenched his teeth, making hissing noises at officers.

He was eventually removed from the police car after police deployed a burst of capsicum spray in his face.

At the police station, Kennedy refused to make a statement saying he wanted to put the matter “behind him”.

Kennedy was convicted of affray and jailed for four months from August 8, 2016.

He will be eligible for release on December 9 this year.