Signing up for sleep research

THE search is on for middle-aged men to take part in a new study at Charles Sturt University (CSU) in Bathurst investigating the relationship between sleep, exercise and appetite.

PhD student Penelope Larsen from the University’s School of Exercise Science, Sport and Health is heading the new sleep and appetite study.

“Exercise is strongly believed to be a key promoter of sleep quality and quantity and a driver of energy intake and expenditure,” Ms Larsen said.

“I am examining the effects of exercise, both low and high intensity on sleep quality and quantity and how that relates to appetite-related hormones and eating behaviour.

“The second part of my research will examine the impact of the timing of exercise that is morning or evening and its effect on hormones and eating behaviour.”

Ms Larsen said all volunteers would need a GP’s medical clearance before taking part and would be asked to complete a pre-exercise medical health questionnaire.

“Participants will need to attend the exercise laboratories at CSU in Bathurst for five 1.5-hours sessions which includes a baseline testing session and four acute exercise trials,” Ms Larsen said.

Participants will also be equipped with a take-home polysomnography (PSG) unit to record sleep quality and a diary to record sleep, diet and physical activity.

To be eligible to apply, participants need to be:

  • Men aged 35-60.
  • Exercising less than 150 minutes per week.
  • Not been diagnosed with sleep apnoea.
  • Not a current smoker, or a smoker who has quit in the past 12 months.
  • Not currently being treated for dental diseases.
  • Free from current illnesses such as the flu.
  • Not on medication for appetite control or weight loss.
  • No known medical conditions or medications that affect sleep quality and or quantity.
  • Not engaged in work or recreational activities that significantly alter sleep patterns such as shift work.
  • Be available during October and November 2016.

Ms Larsen said participants could withdraw from the study for any reason at any time, without explanation.

For further information on being involved in the study, contact Ms Larsen via email at or mobile 0423 911 625.