Lynch and Coombes eyeing off state titles

BATHURST duo Hope Coombes and Tom Lynch are on their way to compete against the state’s best athletes at Homebush this week. 

READY TO RUN: Tom Lynch and Hope Coombes will compete in Homebush this week.

READY TO RUN: Tom Lynch and Hope Coombes will compete in Homebush this week.

The Assumption School students are competing in the PSSA Athletics Carnival, representing the Polding region of Catholic Schools on Wednesday and Thursday.

Lynch is competing in the senior boys discus and 100 metre sprint events while Coombes is competing in the 800m.

Assumption School athletics co-ordinator, Alison Hanley, said it was unique to have two students competing at such an elite level.

She said that both were talented athletes.

“Both kids have progressed from the local carnival through to the regional, Diocese and Polding and now state is the next level, so it’s pretty huge,” she said.

“They’ve both come through Little Athletics and are a credit  to their training.”

It’s not the first time either have competed at a state level; Lynch, who turns 13 in December, has competed in the 200m before so he knows what to expect.

“The competition is always hard and it’s going to be pretty hectic,” he said.

“Last year in the discus there were between 40 and 50 people, but all I can do is try my best.”

Coombes is an accomplished long distance runner and she too has competed at state level in the past.

She said she’s feeling good about competing and is hoping to come home first. A win would bring with it more than a medal.

“If I win I get $100 from my Pop,” she said.

“That’s my real incentive,” she added with a laugh.