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Bathurst City Men’s Bowls

by Jim Grives

Wednesday, October 12. Twelve bowlers formed three games of Social pairs.

Game 1: Skip Jeff Larsen and our "Mr.Consistency "bowler, Merv James, were just leading 7-6 after the seventh end, when they won the next eight consecutive ends to lead 25 shots to six shots over Skip John Allbutt and Arthur Williams. Jeff and Merv easily won 28-10, after the 21st end.

Game 2: On the four end, Skip Pat Duff and Russell Robbins scored two shots to level the scores at three shots all with Skip Gilbert Luck and Pam Warren ( Oberon ). Who by taking control of the game were leading 17 shots to eight shots,after the 14th end.Both teams each scored six shots with Gilbert and Pam winning 23-14 after the 20th end against Pat and Russell.

Game 3: Skip Denis Oxley and Grahame Spurway led six shots to four shots, after the eighth end over Skip Jack Smith and Ian Hurford, who, then were leading 13-7 after the 14th end. But Denis and Grahame combined superbly scoring 16 shots to five shots to be successful 23-18 after the 21st end over Jack and Ian.

Friday, October 14. " President Pot ". Sixteen bowlers formed four games of social bowls at the City. Games now will start at 2pm, until the end of Daylight Savings. All games over 18 ends.

Game 1: After the seventh end, Skip Ray Noonan and Paul Rodenhuis were leading six shots to four shots against Skip Denis Oxley and Annette McPherson, who were down 11-15 after the 14th end. But Ray and Paul finally won, 21 shots to 11 shots .

Game 2: Skip Phill Murray and Ian Hurford after the 11th end, led 11 shots to nil over Skip Ron Cambey and Hamish McKay, then after the 12th end the score was 15-3. Both teams each scored four shots, with Phill and Ian victorious 19 shots to seven shots over Ron and Hamish. 

Game 3: Former Bathurstian, Peter Thurgood (Alice Springs) and his cousin, Gus Thurgood (Majellan) were down 2-7 after the sixth end and again down 9-14 after the13th end by the strong team of Skip Mick.Sewell and Pat Duff, who scored four shots to five shots, and were successful 18-14 over Peter and Gus.

Game 4: On the fourth end, Skip. Garry Connors and John McDonagh scored two shots to level the scores at four shots all with Skip. Gordon Adams and Graham Spurway, who then led 12-10 after the tenth end. Both sides each scored six shots with Gordon and Grahame winning 18-16 over Garry and John. Congratulations to John, who was in our match room for his first time, selecting the teams for today. The ring-in winner was Mick.Sewell.

Saturday, October 15. Thirty-four bowlers nominated to play at the City. The  2016 Club Triples final was set down to be played, as was four games of social pairs and two games of social triples on another magnificent Spring afternoon.

Game 1: In the final of the 2016 Club's Triples Championship,  Skip Phill Gray, Richard Simpson and Paul Reece were always in control, they led, 10-3 shots after the seventh end. Then 20-6 after the 14th end against Skip Peter Floyd, Bob Heffernan and John Fulton. Team Gray scored six shots to five shots to be successful 25-12 after the 20th end over Team Floyd Congratulations to Phill. Richard and Paul on their outstanding victory. commiserations to Peter, Bob and John.

Game 2: Tony Copeland, John Allbutt and Merv James were leading eight shots to one, then they led 18-4 after the 16th end over Skip Colin Thorley, Bob Foster and Bob Henry. Team Copeland finally winning 19-10, after the 19th end over team Thorley.

Game 3: After the ninth end Skip Bryan Bromfield, John Archer and Mick Sewell were leading nine shots to seven shots over Skip Nev Townsend, Jim Grives and Ken Fulton, who fought back to be just down 12-15, but team Bromfield finished the best and won 25 shots to 13 shots over Team Townsend after the 21st end.

Game 4: Skip Ross James and Gilbert Luck began exceptionally well to lead 10-4 after the ninth end against Skip Geoff Thorne and Trevor Kellock. Then by scoring 16 shots to six shots, Ross and Gilbert easily won 26-10 over Geoff. and Trevor after the 20th end.

Game 5: Skip Ian Schofield and Barry McPherson were leading 10-2 after the seventh end, then they were leading 14 shots to six shots after the 14th end against Skip Garry Hotham and Paul Rodenhuis, who won the next five consecutive ends to level the scores at 14 shots all. Ian and Barry finally won 16-15 over Garry and Paul, after the 21st end.

Game 6: By scoring two shots on the eighth end. Skip Bob Lindsay and Phill Murray levelled the scores at seven shots all with Skip Ray Noonan and Bruce Rich, who were leading 16-11 after the 15th end, but Bob and Phill. scored  a handy five Shots to level  the scores at 16 shots all on the 16th end. Finally winning over "Shorty" and "Skipper " 20 shots to 19 shots

Game 7:  On the eighth end, Skip Garry Connors and Brian Burke, scored three shots to level the scores at nine shots all with Skip.Arthur Williams and John McDonagh, who scored 4 shots on the 20th end to lead 23-16, by scoring a handy five shots on the 21st end. Garry and Brian just went down to Arthur and John, 23-21. The ring-in winner was Paul Reece. October 23, mixed social bowls. All bowlers to nominate by 1.30pm. 

Majellan Bowling Club

by Bob the Bowler

‎Social Bowls: Great weather for Tuesday’s Social Bowls with rink winners Terry Burke and Bill Gaylard taking a 29-19 win over Peter Zylstra and Jim Clark. Scores were fairly even in the early ends but a run of four end wins from eight to 11 gave the Burke team the edge with a lead of 18-5 going into the 12th end. Winning 14 to 11 ends, the Burke team maintained the lead through the remainder of the match with the Zylstra team not making double points until the 18th end. 

John Hobson, Ron McGarry and Darrel Bellamy notched up a 24 shot win at 33-9 against Butch Stevens, Terry Stevens and Gus Thurgood winning all but four ends along the way. With a lead of 13-0 before the Stevens team scored their first points in the ninth end, the game was already gone for the Stevens team at this point. Despite the scores a great day was enjoyed by all. 

Alan Clark, Dave Kelly and Terry Clark took an 18-16 win over Noel Witney, Phil Cummings and Ted Crouch on rink five. The Clark team led 6-0 before the Witney team collected first points and the match was even at six all going into the seventh end. It was eight all after the ninth end but from here, the Clark team scored on six of the next seven ends to lead 16-10 going into the 17th end where the Witney team scored a three. Winning just two of the final five ends the Clark team had done enough to hold out a strong finishing Witney team. 

Paul Kennedy, Bob Jenkins and Bob Bembrick collected a 30-13 win over Trevor Pallister, Peter Stueckrat and Greg Quartly-Scott on rink six. Leading all the way, the Kennedy team scored 16 end wins to 5 for the Pallister team who simply could not get into the game, despite scoring a five in the 17th end. A final run of four end wins for 10 shots by the Kennedy team put the icing on the cake. 

Saturday’s great Spring weather saw the daily rink winners Alan Clark, Terry Clark and Darrel Bellamy scoring a 24-12 win over Paul Kennedy, Peter Zylstra and Greg Quartly-Scott. The first two ends were even but from then on, the Clark team took up the running and led 9-2 going into the sixth end when the Kennedy team scored again. In a dominant 14-7 end win performance, the Clark team scored two four shot end wins and four two shot end wins to run out comfortable winners. 

Runner up winners were Mick McDonald and Mick Simmons 27-11 against Alan North and Steve Corby on rink four. Jumping early with a three then one, the McDonald team were never headed in the match scoring 13 of the 20 ends played to just 6 by the North team. The North team made it to double figures in the final end with a three shot win. 

Garry Cameron, Ian Dews and Kevin Howard scored a 21-20 win over Peter Thurgood, Bruce Parr and Gus Thurgood on rink five. The Thurgood team took a lead of 8-4 before the Cameron team scored a three end run of seven to take the lead 11-8 in the eighth end. From the 10th to the 16th end the Cameron team scored 10 unanswered points to lead the match 21-9 and it looked all over. But never underestimate the tenacity of an Alice Springs local as the Thurgood team surged in the final five ends to just miss out on a major upset scoring a five to end the match just one shot short. 

Glen Urza and David Josh combined to score a 28-20 win over Reece Harvey and Trevor Pallister on rink seven. The Urza team jumped early with two three shot wins and held the lead throughout the match. The scores were a not too shabby 10-8 going into the 11th end when the Urza team scored a four end win run for 14 points to lead 24-8 going into the 15th end. Despite the deficit, the Harvey team came back with a three in the 15th end and a four in the 17th, but the damage was done. 

Tony Urza, Tony Press and Frank Farrell took a 23-17 win over Lotsey Koszta, Ted Crouch and Bob Bembrick, despite the Koszta team taking first points with a three. The Urza team response was a run of five end wins for nine points to lead 9-3 going into the seventh end. In the 13th end the Koszta team scored a four to lead 13-11 but a five end run from the 16th to the 20th end for nine points which settled the battle. 

Club Championships: In a Major/Minor pairs match Tony McNamara and Kevin Howard took a 23-14 win over Daryl Whitton and Bruce Parr after the Whitton team took first points. The two and four response from the McNamara team had them in the lead until the Whitton team shot to the lead in the seventh and led 12-9 going into the 12th end. By the 14th end the McNamara team had the lead back at 14-12 and they never let go finishing nine shots to two.

Sunday saw Alan Clark and Craig McIntosh score a 19-18 win over Trevor Pallister and Bob Jenkins in another Major/Minor Pairs match. The game was even in the fourth end and again in the 17th, but despite their best efforts, the Pallister team went agonisingly close but fell short at the line but a great contest. 

The Majellan AGM was held on Sunday and recorded a positive year for the Club financially and in growth of members. Don’t forget on November 1 at Majellan will be a Melbourne Cup Mixed Gala Day with BBQ at 11.45am followed by bowls, sweeps and activities with play paused for the big race. See you next week. 

Tony Urza bowls watched by Daryl Bellamy  in the major minor pairs at Majellan bowls club. Pic Phil Blatch.

Tony Urza bowls watched by Daryl Bellamy in the major minor pairs at Majellan bowls club. Pic Phil Blatch.

Good Beginning: Bathurst City's Gary Hotham started out well against Schofield and McPherson. Photo: PHIL BLATCH 10016pbowls1

Good Beginning: Bathurst City's Gary Hotham started out well against Schofield and McPherson. Photo: PHIL BLATCH 10016pbowls1