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BLACK SPOT: Kent and Dianne McNab at the blackspot intersection near The Assumption School, which has generated plenty of comments. Photo: CHRIS SEABROOK 112816cblackspt
BLACK SPOT: Kent and Dianne McNab at the blackspot intersection near The Assumption School, which has generated plenty of comments. Photo: CHRIS SEABROOK 112816cblackspt

Too many levy questions and not enough answers

FROM July next year, the NSW Liberal and National Government wants every local council to collect a new land tax for it – the “Emergency Services Property Levy” (ESPL).

The new state government tax will be included on all council rate notices.

But Premier Mike Baird won’t put the legislation to Parliament until the very last minute to avoid a community campaign against this new tax. Parliament doesn’t even sit again until next February.

The devil will be in the detail, and it is all being kept secret behind closed doors in Macquarie Street.

There could be different tax rates for commercial, residential and rural properties. Some groups are worried that the tax could shift costs from metropolitan or commercial classifications onto residential and rural landowners.

The Government has refused to say if it will compensate councils for the cost of collecting the new tax, or if local ratepayers will also be hit with this extra cost.

The community and local councils have a right to know. After all, residents and small businesses will have to find the money to pay it.

Shadow Treasurer Ryan Park

Shadow Minister for Local Government Peter Primrose

From Facebook: Michel’s Corner intersection

The issue is that the road rules contradict the road design. Two cars, one at the top of Lambert, and another at the bottom of Suttor, both want to turn right onto Mitre. Who goes first? Whether or not either vehicle intends to use Suttor or Lambert to continue the journey is irrelevant at this point - first, they need to legally enter Mitre without impacting the priority of the other vehicle. Stalemate. Solution? Relocate the car park and make Lambert/Suttor a continuation of each road. Make Mitre the street that yields to the new priority road. How that access is designed is a secondary issue.

Matthew Irvine

The amount of times people do not give way at this intersection is rife, especially school drop off and pick up times. Some people just don't give way here, they just pull out into oncoming traffic as if they have the right of way and do not obey the give way signs.

Mark Bayliss

Don't use a blinker when you drive straight from Lambert into Suttor and vice versa. It distinguishes from the left/right turn into Mitre.

Sam Bolt

I use this intersection daily and it’s just a mess of cars going everywhere and anywhere. We need a set of lights. I think a roundabout wouldn't help with all the kids that are around at school time.

Kaila Alterator

I use this intersection daily as my kids attend Assumption. Because of this I am privy to the multiple near misses, parents not paying attention and pulling out in front of cars at drop off only to be cut in front by some buses that feel they don't need to give way. So many cars at that time of day it's like Pitt Street and most have taken to creating their own lane. Council need someone to sit and watch drop off and pick up mayhem. Perhaps then they might act. I seriously get anxiety as I come into this crossroads and purposely drop my kids off the earliest possible time to at least try and avoid the inevitable carnage.

Katie Donno

Pay attention and drive properly, it's not that difficult.

Shane Fowler

The intersection has been the same for 40-plus years. It's the drivers that need to change.

James Seage