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CLAIMS: 2GB morning show presenter Ray Hadley has used his radio program to attack Bathurst mayor Gary Rush.
CLAIMS: 2GB morning show presenter Ray Hadley has used his radio program to attack Bathurst mayor Gary Rush.

Bathurst will deliver same message as Orange

THE people of the Orange electorate in the recent state by-election have sent a clear message to the government that they are not happy. 

That same sentiment I am sure would echo through the Bathurst electorate if there was an election now.

The government pulling the greyhound racing ban out of a hat and the forced council amalgamations when it was promised that this would not be the case have left the government – and in particular the Nationals – with egg on their faces.

Neither the forced council amalgamations or the ban on greyhound racing were policies that were taken to the last election. We were in reality ambushed by both of these.

In the case of forced council amalgamations our local elected member for Bathurst Paul Toole has demonstrated that he cannot be trusted and no longer deserves to represent us in government.

Many politicians seem to forget that we elect them to represent us.

They are working for us, the electorate. We are not there for them. We effectively employ them to serve us and to look after our interests .

It is still two years to the next state election and I am sure there are many who will have long memories.

Mr Toole’s photo appears often in the local papers heralding some grant of money from the government for some local project. He portrays the view that we the electorate should be grateful to him for these acts of charity.

We give the government money in the form of taxes and duties. This is our money that we give the government.

John Sutton, Newbridge

Radio host Hadley’s spray shows an abuse of power

WHAT an appalling abuse of his power to lambast our mayor by one so-called “radio personality”. Anyone who knows Gary Rush certainly would know him as a man of utmost integrity.

Did the so-called “radio personality” give Cr Rush the right of reply on his airways, or can he just defame him on the gossip of someone else? 

Cr Rush has stated on numerous occasions that he will remain independent in the process of the proposed merger with Oberon.

That is what he has stated and he should be trusted on his word. Cr Rush has far more integrity than to use the pseudonym of Tracey Evans, and I more than suspect it is Ray Hadley who has the heart of a caraway seed.

Bathurst and the surrounding areas are fortunate to have as a mayor a man with the vision and dedication to his constituents as Cr Rush, and we should support his legal rights as a citizen against these outrageous accusations.

The abuse of power of these so-called shock jocks also came to the fore in the recent Orange by-election.

The local radio station could well do without supporting these clowns on their airway.

Philip Thompson

From Facebook: Zambrero set to open in Bathurst

Why do we have to have multiples of everything? Seriously, how many Mexican, Thai and Chinese restaurants does one town need!

Sandra Scott

Also, can someone buy into a Pizza Hut franchise and put an all you can eat Pizza Hut here again thanks.

Bill Corby

I had Zambreros in Canberra and loved it.

Dylan Farr

Fantastic initiative. Helping others less fortunate is so easy.

Tammie Michelle