World's Greatest Shave at Bathurst Public School

STUDENTS chanted and cheered as Emmersen Phillips, 9, had her hair shaved off in honour of her sister.

The Year 4 student at Bathurst Public School is among many people across the city who have been raising funds for the World’s Greatest Shave to help people with blood cancer.

But, for Emmersen the decision to shave her head on Thursday was personal.

Her younger sister Savannah, 7, has alopecia which has left her and other sufferers with partial or complete absence of hair from areas of the body where it normally grows.

“I’m excited and nervous at the same time,” Emmersen said just before she had her hair shaved in front of the entire school.

Her hair will now be donated to the Variety Club to make wigs for children with alopecia.

Emmersen was joined on stage by Year 6 student Kyla Cole, 11, who had her hair coloured red, orange and gold to help raise funds for the cause.

I’m excited and nervous at the same time.

Emmersen Phillips, 9.

“I’m feeling pretty excited and happy with what I raised, it was around $300,” Kyla said.

Emmersen’s mother, Robyn Phillips, shed a few tears as she stood in the school hall to watch her daughter have her head shaved.

“My heart is bursting out of my chest, I’m so proud of her,” she said.

“She’d donating her hair to the Alopecia Foundation to make wigs.”

Kyla’s mother, Tegan Cole, was there to witness her daughter have her hair coloured on the day and said she was very proud of her.

School principal Kate White congratulated Emmersen and Kyla on their efforts, and announced that the the school had raised $740 for the charity.