Evans Memorial subject to toilet paper attack

A TOILET paper attack on the Evans Memorial has been labelled as disgusting, vandalism and disrespectful by Western Advocate readers.

Around 7am on Friday the memorial, which stands in Kings Parade, was discovered strewn in toilet paper.

Advocate readers were quick with the condemnation of the act, with Anna Lee Roberts posting: “How disrespectful on all levels, they should be ashamed of themselves.”

Mel Cox wrote: “Vandalism is vandalism, whether it’s permanent or not.”

James Whyte said CCTV was the answer: “[We] need cameras in our parks and CBD so the vandals can be put before the courts and made accountable for the damage.”

Vandalism is vandalism, whether it's permanent or not and those people saying it's not a big deal would think differently if it was done to their property.

Mel Cox

Bathurst Regional Council mayor Graeme Hanger said while the act may seem like bit of harmless fun, it was disrespectful. 

“Thankfully there was no permanent damage to the memorial,” he said.

“I would like to praise council staff who acted quickly to clean the memorial and the surrounding area.”