OPINION: Windradyne Whisperer with Lachlan Sullivan

FAST LANE: There is plenty more room to move, but motorists should remember the speed limit on the Great Western Highway upgrade at Kelso.
FAST LANE: There is plenty more room to move, but motorists should remember the speed limit on the Great Western Highway upgrade at Kelso.

CHIFLEY Highway Patrol just loves new sections of roadway to cruise. 

A few years ago, when the Bradwardine Road extension was completed, Highway Patrol bolstered state revenue by “camping” on the new roadway for months.

Now it appears the almost completed Sydney Road upgrade is the new road of choice because there is a high presence of marked Highway Patrol cars catching lead-footed motorists, especially P-platers, enjoying the freeway-style roadway that flows well from Ashworth Drive to Gilmour Street. 

Remember, it is a 60 kilometres per hour roadway. 

I hope the Highway Patrol officers take it upon themselves to book plenty of motorists who still have no idea how to use a two-lane roundabout, especially those who are turning left westbound from Littlebourne Street who persist on giving way to cars on their right on the inside lane when their lane is free, allowing a simple merge. 

Merging safely on to and exiting the roundabouts will ensure the long queues created by the former traffic lights are eliminated now that the Lee Street rail crossing is permanently closed.

Mount track troubles

WHAT’S going on in local indigenous politics? 

The Local Land Council seemingly doesn’t have an issue with the proposed go-kart track to be located over the back of Mount Panorama on land used for agriculture for more than 150 years, yet a few Wiradyuri elders who are separate and not part of the Local Land Council are playing “silly buggers”, in my view, over the already approved track. Sounds like a power play to me! But what is the motive? 

The development application (DA) process is very transparent. It gives all residents plenty of time to submit a positive or negative submission, and no individual group gets special treatment.

So it will be interesting to see how the DA amendment process pans out in what could be a test for the remaining councillors.

Memo to councillors

I’M not too sure if Bathurst Regional councillors have caught up with an amendment approved by then Local Government Minister Paul Toole last September, where the following was added to Chapter 3 of the Local Government Act: "S8 (e) Council decision-making should be transparent and decision-makers are to be accountable for decisions and omissions." 

It means NSW councillors should ensure they are properly informed.

There it is: legally required transparency and accountability has been a long time coming and no doubt will be welcomed by councilors and senior staff. 

I hope Cr Ian North, too, takes particular note of the word “transparent” as we are all still waiting for an explanation as to why he resigned as deputy mayor last year.

Thumbs up

BATHURST Regional Council being more amenable with community groups since the changeover of mayor occurred. I’m told those previously on the outer are now back in the fold.

Thumbs down

LOCAL Aboriginal politics rising to the surface over the development application amendment for the Mount go-kart track. I think a few are playing silly buggers!

                                                   - LACHLAN SULLIVAN