Children snip off hair at daycare

In what has been a busy month for hairdressers in Bathurst, Mick Premus followed the trend of many in the city by cutting off all his hair for the World’s Greatest Shave last Thursday. 

Mick Premus

Mick Premus

It was the first time in over two years that Mr Premus’ beard had been shaved – and it was set to be a shock for his children.

“Last time I freaked the kids out,” he said.

The shave was held at Goodstart Early Learning Kelso, where there were plenty of people supporting Mr Premus.

“Tracey [my wife] worked here and wanted me to do it and I thought, ‘Why not?’,” he said.

“It’s a good cause to get behind. I’ve had friends, family and Goodstart parents donating.”

Children including Jax Evabs, Amelia Colley, Allira Robinson, Koby Campbell, Amelia Scheibner, Samuel Olson and Ben McAlpine had their chance to shave off Mr Premus’ hair and beard. 

Their hair-cutting style was not perfect, but Goodstart employees Monique Meekin and Jordan Fraser finished the job off. 

As of Monday morning, Mr Premus, of Micacey Tilling, had raised more than $1100, up from $500 last Thursday.

On what was an exciting day for the children, Goodstart also celebrated Holi, a festival that signifies the victory of good over evil and a festive day to meet others. 

I’ve had friends, family and Goodstart parents donating.

Mick Premus

Goodstart’s Merina Rajbhandari said it is a chance for family to come together.

“We share love with paint and playing together,” she said.

Emilia Blackie, Keira Bosianek and Charlie Robinson all participated in the day, covering each other in paint.