Hatch-ing a plan for future CSU success

SCOTT Hatch knows the feeling that comes with playing semi-finals rugby alongside a good group of mates in a CSU jumper and it’s one he wants other students to experience.

MOTIVATED: CSU coach Scott Hatch wants to see the students build a winning culture.

MOTIVATED: CSU coach Scott Hatch wants to see the students build a winning culture.

While Hatch most recently played in the Blowes Clothing Cup competition with the Mudgee Wombats, he spent a number of years in CSU colours.

Now he is back as coach of the students and on a mission to turn them from also-rans into title contenders. It has not been an easy start to his tenure – CSU is sitting on the bottom of the ladder after two rounds – but Hatch can see potential.

“We are trying to find our identity as a team and once we do that, and we build the culture and we build the structure, we can finalise what team can take us forward, we can be competitive,” he said.

“We are working on it, we are trying to build. It might take us six months, it might take us a couple of years – I’m not sure - but I can see the potential and that is why I coach.”

Though things have not yet clicked on the field for CSU, Hatch said the bonds the players share off it is a real strength. He wants to see it translate into more success.

“It’s the closest club I’ve ever been a part of. Nothing has changed since I played there, most of these guys live together, study together, go out together, they’ve got those partnerships,” he said.

“That’s why I don’t understand that over the last five or 10 years that it hasn’t happened. I came in in 2000 and by the time I left in 2003, that was the first year since ’77 we had made the semi-finals and then the next year they go on and win the grand final.

“I came back and there’s still that culture, so I don’t understand why they haven’t put it all together yet.”