Variety the Children’s Charity's Hair With Heart in Bathurst

THERE are a lot of things that are easier when you do it with someone else, and for the Muller sisters it was having their long locks cut off.

Maddison, 20, and Taylah, 15, Muller paired up on Friday afternoon to each have more than 40 centimetres cut off their hair.

The duo had the big chop to assist Hair With Heart, a Variety the Children’s Charity initiative which makes specialised wigs for people who have lost their hair due to a medical conditions such as alopecia or cancer.

Maddison opted to have her hair shaved, and in the process had 43 centimetres of hair cut off.

Initially nervous leading up to the shave, Maddison said she felt excited once her hair had been cut.

Taylah had 44cm cut off and said her new bob style hair cut felt great.

Aspire Hair and Body Spa hairdressers Hayley Bright and Hannah Martin donated their time for the hair cuts.

The sisters have raised more than $1300 and donations can be made online.