Bathurst Regional Council says discoloured water can be difficult to predict

CHICKEN broth and stock – Bathurst residents have had a few choice words to describe what is coming out of their water taps lately.

Residents across Bathurst took to the Western Advocate’s Facebook page to complain about discoloured water, while others said their water smelt like chemicals.

“Don't talk to me about the dirty water I've already had a pair of $79 flannelette sheets ruined because of the dirty water at Eglinton,” Marianne Keogh posted. “It would be nice if we were notified when they were going to muck with the water.”

Catherine Hamer, who lives on Durham street near the hospital, said: “My water was brown this morning”.

Mel Cox said it “looks like chicken stock” while Garry Titterton thought is looked like chicken broth.

While other residents said their water smelt like chemicals, including Perthville woman Alison Whalan: “Like I’ve said a thousand times before ours is the opposite, so full of chlorine it makes me sick washing up, bathing”.

All the complaints have come following Bathurst Regional Council’s $5m Manganese Removal Project which was commissioned in August, 2015.

Mayor Graeme Hanger said the occurrence of discoloured water can be difficult or impossible to predict, and may occur from a number of reasons including random events or a burst water pipe.

The discoloured water is now usually the last remaining deposits of manganese within the water main.

Bathurst Regional Council mayor Graeme Hanger

“The discoloured water is now usually the last remaining deposits of manganese within the water main,” he said.

Despite the discolouration it remains safe to use, Cr Hanger said, however, he suggested dark discoloured water should be flushed until clear.

A small amount of chlorine is added during the water treatment process to ensure it is disinfected and safe to drink.

“The taste and smell of chlorine can be removed by keeping water in an open air jug or container for a while,” Cr Hanger said.

Council will continue to maintain the water network through reservoir cleaning, mains flushing and responding to calls from residents.

“Council has crews available who can act quickly to identify water issues and take the appropriate action to clear the supply to the affected property,” Cr Hanger said.

For water issues during working hours call council on 6333 6100, council's after hours emergency number is 6334 2795.