Whisperer | Are these foodies trying to pull a fast one on us?

SAVE OUR PARK: There has been a strong community campaign to retain green space during a redevelopment of Centennial Park.
SAVE OUR PARK: There has been a strong community campaign to retain green space during a redevelopment of Centennial Park.

WHAT happened to “fast” food?

If my recent experiences at a “fast food” outlet attempting to satisfy Madam 15 is anything to go by, fast food has now turned into “slow” food.

Gone is the order and collect, out of there in a flash. Now we place an order, receive our purchase number, move aside and wait ... and wait.

So am I meant to think that the slow service experienced by customers in a fast food outlet is to produce healthier food? If so, that’s a con.

I think there should be two queues in a “fast food” outlet - one for customers who know how unhealthy that food really is and who accept the consequences, resulting in true “fast food” service; the other for customers who are pretending that food in the “fast food” outlet is healthier for you because they take longer to prepare it and place it in a brown bag which is normally reserved for trendy healthy food halls in the big smoke.

Council’s PR machine has put the mayor in a spin

I’M not sure how it happens but once a councillor becomes mayor, good sense disappears and the spin doctors take over their world.

Last week I cast aspersions on the need for the city to spend $2.5 million on a new animal pound.

Council responded with a warm, fuzzy article espousing the needs of such a facility.

“The animal pound was built around 20 years ago and due to population growth and high rates of pet ownership in the Bathurst Region, the facility no longer meets the needs of our community and council in terms of capacity,” the mayor said.

I just love spin. As if spending $2.5 million on an animal pound was not enough, council is now telling us it will be staged development over a few years. So, reading between the lines, ratepayers will fork out $2.5 million next financial year and who know how many more millions each year for the next five years?

The Western Advocate headline got it wrong last Friday. Instead of “Big Budget”, it should have read “Barking Mad”.

Options for Centennial Park look as clear as mud

I HOPE Bathurstians took the time to have their say on the future of Centennial Park by completing the online survey.

I was a bit amused but I not surprised by the questions asked within the survey prompting suggested uses, one option being an Arts/Cultural Centre or other development, another a Multi-Purpose space.

My mates the spin doctors at work again.

Clearly there is nothing ambiguous about a Arts/Cultural Centre but what goes with “other development” or a “Multi Purpose” space? Maybe that’s spin doctor for “we’ll throw a petrol station on one corner and a fast food outlet on another right next to the Cultural Centre”.

I can hear that dog barking again!

Thumbs up

COUNCIL’S prompt response to repair road deformations in George Street within three days of notification.  I think council needs a “Pothole Watch”.

Thumbs down

THE proposed new animal pound with Stage 1 costing $2.5 million. How much is the full cost of this staged development over the next five years?