Over 4,000 sign petition for intersection upgrade

A PETITION calling for Bathurst Regional Council to upgrade the intersection and install a roundabout at Suttor and Mitre streets has reached over 4,000 signatures.

4000 SIGNATURES: Kent and Diane McNab collecting signatures at IGA.

4000 SIGNATURES: Kent and Diane McNab collecting signatures at IGA.

West Bathurst residents Kent and Dianne McNab started the petition earlier this year, amid fears for the safety of people, and in particular school children walking near or through the intersection.

The couple, who have seen many serious collisions and even more near misses were pushed into action after a collision in November last year saw a car mount the path and crash into the fence of the Assumption School just 30 minutes after the area was full of infants and primary school children walking into class.

Mr McNab said he is not surprised to have collated so many signatures in support of a roundabout.

“People have been so positive about it, I think they’ve been supportive because of the risk to children’s safety,” he said.

His wife Dianne agreed.

“We’re over the 4,000 mark now; that’s 10 per cent of the city’s population.”

As it stands a report concerning the roundabout was prepared and presented to Bathurst Regional Council at a meeting in April with a recommendation that Suttor Street be realigned and a roundabout installed.

On May 3 the draft budget was presented to council and in that $1.7 million was set aside for the roundabout with council hoping to obtain the other half through Black Spot Funding.

If unsuccessful council will review the situation.

Mr McNab said while council has set aside $1.7 million towards a roundabout in it’s draft budget, he wants to know what Plan B is should Black Spot Funding fall through.

“My first question, is if we do not obtain Black Spot Funding how do they propose to fund the other 50 per cent cost of the roundabout?”

He said council still needs to prioritise the intersection.

“In the budget they’ve set aside $500,000 for underground power (at Mount Panorama), $300,00 to paint the bridge (at Mount Panorama)  plus another  $275,000 for signage.

“What about the safety of children,” he asked.

The couple are asking anyone who has had a bingle or a near miss at the corner to attend a council meeting and have their say.

“Now is the time to speak up, we want everyone to come along. It’s about the safety and security of pedestrians and school kids.”