Bathurst welcomes NSW Premier ​Gladys Berejiklian

PREMIER IN TOWN: Graeme Hanger, Paul Toole, Gladys Berejiklian, Sarah Driver and Michael Coote at the Bathurst RSL on Wednesday night.
PREMIER IN TOWN: Graeme Hanger, Paul Toole, Gladys Berejiklian, Sarah Driver and Michael Coote at the Bathurst RSL on Wednesday night.

“I say to the people, judge us by what we do, what we’ve done and what we’ll do.”

Those were the words of Premier Gladys Berejiklian, who was at the Bathurst RSL on Wednesday night meeting and greeting the people of the region.

She was not fazed about the potential threat the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party may pose to the Bathurst electorate come election time in 2019.

The SFF claimed a stunning win in the Orange by-election in late 2016, as Philip Donato became the first non-Nationals leader for the seat since 1947.

But Ms Berejiklian was not spooked by the result.

“We, as a government, are working together, making sure that every community gets it fair share across NSW,” she said.

“We’re a government that is getting on with the job. I’m hoping every community will have the chance to tell us what exactly they think.

“I also appreciate what we’ve able to do for the past six years and what we want to do in the next six years and beyond.”

With the planned merger of Bathurst and Oberon councils officially dead and buried – along with other planned council amalgamations across the state – Ms Berejiklian said the state government had learned from the failed proposal. 

“We’ve listened to the community and acted according,” she said.

“It was great to see so many people from local government here tonight.

“They were all extremely positive, but also very direct with what they felt.”

“A lot of them were very happy with the process and others gave me good advice about the future, which is exactly what I want to hear.”

Bathurst mayor Graeme Hanger, Bathurst MP Paul Toole and Bathurst youth mayor Sarah Driver all addressed the strong crowd at the Bathurst RSL, before Ms Berejiklian was welcomed to the stage. 

The possibility of having a second race track was also a popular talking point, with the crowd expressing their thoughts with a loud cheer.

Ms Berejiklian will take the proposal into consideration. 

“I know that it is a priority for the area,” she said.

“All I will say is we’re a government that listens and then we act.

“But I will definitely take [the track proposal] on board and I want to thank both minister Toole and the mayor for raising that with me. It’s definitely on our radar.”

The state premier said she was pleased with what she saw in Bathurst in regards to education, roads and especially the employment rate.

“I’m so pleased to see jobs are growing here. Unemployment is below the national average in this region and we’ll do everything we can to have jobs growth continue,” she said.

Ms Berejiklian and her team were headed for Broken Hill after their Bathurst trip and were making the gruelling 10-hour trip by car.