Parade takes a look at the lighter side of life in Bathurst and the region

THE staff at the Western Advocate held their annual Biggest Morning tea fundraiser on Friday, and it was a case of death by chocolate.

We had everything from cakes, scones, lamingtons to Kit Kat cakes, croissants and other fabulous delicacies and, by the end of the session, we could barely move.

Still, over-indulgence was well worth it and at the last count the staff had raised around $180 to support the work of Cancer Council.

Silver service at McDonald’s

IT’S been a while since Parade has eaten in at McDonald’s - not that she doesn’t frequent the restaurant regularly, it’s just usually through the drive through.

But on a recent trip to Sydney Parade got quite a surprise when visiting McDonald’s for an eat in meal at Blaxland; the service was super first class.

There was literally someone standing at the door to open it up for customers as they walked through, and they had staff mingling with customers in the restaurant area, helping them with their orders or just simply checking up mid meal and ensuring everything was okay.

Once Parade had placed her order, she stood back expecting to wait for her order number to be called, but was instead ushered to her table and told one of their staff would bring the meal to her.

Sure enough minutes later it was delivered by one of the staff, who then continued to check on other customers sitting in the dining room.

As Parade was finishing up her meal, the McDonald’s staffer came back to check everything was right and to see if she needed anything else.

On the way out, the staffer opened the door again, and wished Parade well.

Talk about silver service!

Just where is the year going?

PARADE was looking at the calendar and couldn’t believe we are almost in June. Where has the year gone?

In less than two weeks it will officially be winter and we will be bracing ourselves for the big chill.

It doesn’t seem that long ago it was January and we were all sweating it out with temperatures well into the 40s.

Where does the time go?