Man convicted, fined $500 after headbutt

A MAN who headbutted another man following a verbal altercation has been convicted of common assault and fined $500.

Colin Betsha, 41, of Dunrossil Crescent, appeared before magistrate Michael Allen on May 29 in Bathurst Local Court.

Police facts tendered to the court told how the victim and partner attended a house in Dunrossil Crescent on the evening of November 24 last year, with all parties consuming alcohol.

The more alcohol Betsha drank, the more argumentative he got, eventually becoming involved in an argument with a third party, the police facts said.

At around 1am, the victim told Betsha to pack his bags and get out.

A witness said to the victim: “This is not your house, why are you telling him to leave?”

Betsha grabbed the victim by the shirt and head-butted him, connecting with his nose and causing bleeding.

The victim grabbed Betsha and forced him to the ground and the accused fought back. The victim told him to calm down.

Police arrived a short time later and observed that Betsha was well-affected by alcohol. They had to calm him down so they could continue their investigation.

Police noted the victim had a large laceration to his nose. The victim said Betsha had headbutted him.

Police spoke to the owner of the house, who asked the police to stop Betsha entering the house when he was drunk, on the grounds he is dangerous and attacks people when he is drinking.

Police arranged for the owner to provide a statement, however, Betsha continually interrupted police who were trying to take the statement and at one point burst into the room, saying: “[expletive], no don’t you take out an AVO, don’t you do this.”

When the accused said this, police said he appeared menacing and was standing over the victim.

Betsha was arrested, taken to Bathurst Police Station and charged. He declined to be interviewed.

Mr Allen fined him $500 and placed him on a Section 9 Bond for 12 months.