Unlicensed driver convicted and fined in court

A MAN caught driving while his licence was expired has been convicted and fined $450.

James Kenneth Alfred Daldorf, 29, of Tandora Street, Kelso did not appear before magistrate Michael Allen, and the matter was heard in his absence. 

Police facts tendered to the court told how police stopped Daldorf’s silver BMW near Cox Street, advising he had been stopped for a random breath test.

They asked for his licence and he told police: “I don’t have one, I’m not licensed.”

Daldorf then handed police a tattooing licence identifying him. He told police he had been in and out of Australia recently and “his licence problems had been a bit of a shambles”.

Checks on the RMS data base revealed he had a CP1 licence, however, it had been disqualified at Orange Local Court on three months in October 2015.

During that disqualification period the accused was charged with driving while disqualified, and was further disqualified until January 2017.

However he had not renewed his licence which had expired, deeming him unlicensed.

Daldorf was convicted by Mr Allen and fined $450.