Souths beats Lithgow Zig Zag

SOUTHS kept its hopes of playing in the 2017 women’s Premier League Hockey finals series alive on Saturday afternoon with a 1-0 victory over Lithgow Zig Zag.

The result, secured thanks to Daisy Morrissey off a late penalty corner play, took Souths’ record to two wins and five losses at the halfway point of the season.

The two blues still have plenty of work to do to crack the top five, but Ali Stanford knows the result will lift the confidence of her Souths team-mates.

“It was a bit of a win-win for us, otherwise we’d just be turning up to play each week,” she said.

“It was a scrappy win, but a win’s a win. It was actually a nice feeling to come away with a win for once.

“We did well, this game we just bonded together and we are old enough to know better and get out there and do what we do best. This will give us a bit of a leg up into it.”

With coach Damien Carter absent, Souths’ president Campbell Graham helped run things from the dugout.

Though Zig Zag scrambled well, Souths created plenty chances, earned penalty corners, and finally got the goal it needed.

“In the first half it was pretty even, it was pretty scrappy though. We just had to control the game a bit better, but we always had possession and we always had the upper hand expect for a period about 15 minutes into the second half were we had to regroup and regather ourselves,” Stanford said.