Council’s original sin

SNAPSHOT: Tabby Fuller snapped this fantastic image of a full moon over Bathurst last week.
SNAPSHOT: Tabby Fuller snapped this fantastic image of a full moon over Bathurst last week.

THE second State of Origin clash in Sydney on Wednesday night is not the only big item on the calendar.

Wednesday will also be the night Bathurst Regional Council meets for its June monthly meeting, and Parade believes the timing could not be worse.

There are a few significant items up for discussion – most notably the small matter of the 2017-18 budget – but you can expect a few members of the public gallery, and possibly even a few councillors, to be keeping a close eye on the clock.

The council meeting kicks off (sorry!) at 6pm with public question time so Parade is issuing an appeal to all members of the public to keep it mercifully short this time round.

Even better, ask yourself if whatever you have to say could actually wait until July.

Then there’s the council meeting where any councillor tempted to speak for too long can expect to cop an evil eye or two.

Every year one of the State of Origin matches falls on a council meeting night and Parade has battled on bravely in the past – but, really, this year is different.

With NSW a chance to wrap up the series on Wednesday night, surely we all owe it to our state to do what we can to support them – even if that means cutting a council meeting short.

What do you want to learn?

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