All indications point to lower prices

SHEEP'S BACK: The Gilmore family at Black Springs pioneered the popular breed of Australian whites that are earning a great reputation.
SHEEP'S BACK: The Gilmore family at Black Springs pioneered the popular breed of Australian whites that are earning a great reputation.

DRY weather across much of south-eastern Australia has caused a significant correction of around $20 per head of lamb prices in recent times.

Mutton values have slipped by almost the same amount and the Eastern Young Cattle Indicator (EYCI) has reached values about 46c/kg below 2016 values for June 30.

Increased stock numbers at all sale centres are putting pressure on processors and all involved in the red meat industry.

While this price pressure is occurring we note that price quotes for liveweight goats have reached an unheard of 750c/kg.

These price figures must be a great boon to many pastoralists in the Western Division and busy musterers will make a real dent in feral goat numbers in their semi arid districts.

Bio insecurity

CATTLE producers are confused about the changes that Meat and Livestock Australia has arranged with an October 30 compliance date.

A biosecurity plan for each cattle-producing property can be achieved online and several information sessions are scheduled at Oberon and Bathurst venues.

These sessions aren’t well advertised but details should be available from your stock and station agent or by phoning Local Land Services on 6333 2300.

Gudair goals

QUESTIONS have been raised about the long-term efficacy of Gudair vaccine and its eventual possible eradication of Ovine Johne’s disease (OJD) in sheep flocks.

I’ve briefly discussed both the Bovine Johne's disease and Gudair issues with a number of producers who have been “through the mill”on these matters and every answer has been in the order of: “Who the devil wants to revive issues that have caused so much personal damage in the past?”

Souper question

ON a packet of Cup-A-Soup that graces supermarket shelves across our country is a claim that is made in clear black letters: “Made from responsibly grown Australian wheat.”

 This made me ponder on what crop of wheat would be irresponsibly grown?

LUNAR LANDSCAPE: The view looking from above these opal mineshafts resembles another planet.

LUNAR LANDSCAPE: The view looking from above these opal mineshafts resembles another planet.

Nuclear reaction

THE search for a national nuclear waste disposal site continues with two nominated sites near Kimba SA proceeding to the second selection phase.

Kimba District Council organised a ballot of its 793 community members and 396 of them were in favour of the disposal site, while 296 voted no.

Only one direct neighbour to the site was not in favour of the selected sites.

An amount of $2 million has been committed to the project and this will be used to employ a local liaison officer, create a Kimba consultative committee and expand a local project office to allow staffers to field questions from stakeholders.

The voting figures don’t illustrate a clear majority of voters for either case, but they certainly show that the yes case has won the decision.

Mulesing musings

THE CEO of Meat and Livestock Australia has put the lamb mulesing issue squarely in the spotlight after his comments at a recent major lamb production forum.

This matter has been contentious for several decades but we must remember that less than 10 per cent of wool sold at auction is declared as from unmulesed sheep.

Surely the issue involves the explanation to processors, buyers and customers that the anaesthetic TriSolfen is used by the vast majority of operators and its qualities are excellent.

To a bush doctor like me, it’s little different to discussing human hip replacements without anaesthetic.

The Farmers Association, Department of Primary Industry, federal and state ministers and other public figures should assist our industry by explaining the realities of our animal welfare practices.

Diary dates

  • July 14-15:  Mudgee Field Days.
  • August 11: 9am Bella Land Field day at Dripstone.
  • August 19: Bathurst Merino Association ram expo and working dog auction.

Laugh lines

A FRIEND asked George if his wife had learned to drive yet. He replied: “Only in an advisory capacity so far.”

THE difference between an Aussie wedding and an Aussie funeral: There’s one less drunk at the funeral.

LITTLE Nigel’s mum had been away for a week and when she got home Nigel told her about the big storm on Tuesday. He said: “I was so scared that Daddy and me snuggled up in the big bed.” His Auntie Flo corrected him: “Nigel, you mean Daddy and I.”  Nigel argued back: “No auntie, I’m talking about Tuesday. You’re talking about last night.”