Parade takes a look at the lighter side of life in Bathurst

IN this new world of living digitally Parade read an interesting article in Australian Vogue this month, about Paris Jackson, daughter of the late Michael Jackson.

SNAPSHOT: Local GP Dr Kam Wong says he can see a baby's face in the clouds in this sunset photo.

SNAPSHOT: Local GP Dr Kam Wong says he can see a baby's face in the clouds in this sunset photo.

The entire interview was conducted by text message, which was a first for the magazine.

Apparently it was Paris who suggested a text conversation in lieu of doing a traditional print interview.

Editor Edwina McCann said while it was "something we have never before agreed to at Vogue," she realized that the medium "seemed appropriate for someone of her generation."

As a journo, Parade couldn’t help but think this was a pretty inventive way to do an interview, with typed notes ready to go in your mobile phone and no need to decipher your shorthand later in the day.

It’s a technique she’s considering undertaking in the future.

Our favourite junk foods

So what are the Top 10 Australian junk foods?

As an avid fan of food, a friend of Parade, took a look, with great interest, at the top 10 junk foods in Australia, which included a brief history on each.

Topping the list was vanilla slice followed by Golden Gaytime.

The ice cream, when launched in 1959, wasn’t golden!

Apparently manufacturer Streets flirted with a variety of flavours including Strawberry Shortcake, Rasberry Rough, Cassata Roma and Turkish Delight, before the golden icon prevailed in 1970.

Following on from the Gaytime was the ever popular sausage sizzle, Arnott’s Shapes, the humble meat pie and Neenish tarts.

Other foods included in the top 10 were Milo, Passiona, Chiko Rolls and Cheezels.

For the record, Milo was first launched at the Sydney Royal Easter Show in 1934 as a nutritional beverage for children, while Passiona, was developed by Spencer Cottee in the 1920s as a cordial designed to use up extra passionfruit on his Lismore farm!

If there’s any other foods you think should be included in the top 10, let us know, Parade would love to hear.