Mark puts smiles on faces

SMILE: To Mark Cordato and his staff, the patient, and how to make their smile the best, is most important.
SMILE: To Mark Cordato and his staff, the patient, and how to make their smile the best, is most important.


Mark Cordato is the only orthodontist living and working full-time in the Central West region and he is proud to call Bathurst home. 

As an orthodontist, Mark improves people's bite, brings teeth into function and improves the position so teeth are easier to clean, and you get a great smile.  

Though no one wants to see braces, only braces have the best control and flexibility to give you the best smile possible. 

Mark uses the smallest metal braces and the clearest clear braces.

You get control with less show of the braces. 

The patient and the team

What is most important to Mark and his staff is always the patient, and how the team can work to make your smile it's best.  

Good, knowledgeable staff are important to assist Mark in making the patient his focus, in a comfortable, caring environment.   

All staff are local and trained to a Certificate or Degree level. 

They also enjoy each other's company outside of work, often having movie nights and, last weekend, Mark and some of the staff visited Bathurst’s Winter Festival to enjoy the good food, drink and entertainment.

The best treatment

It takes knowledge, skill and a great work environment to get outstanding results. 

Treatments for mal-aligned teeth are varied and differ for every patient. 

Often, early orthodontic intervention can resolve or improve later dental problems and braces are used routinely to allow good dental alignment to give a great smile. 

Invisalign, a series of clear aligners, can be used in less complex cases for patients who don’t want the appearance of braces. 

For complex treatments, Mark combines with your dentist and other dental specialists to allow varied input to achieving a good result that may not be achieved with orthodontic treatment alone. 

A referral is not required for an orthodontist.

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The man who puts smiles on faces

Orthodontics is a speciality of dentistry, requiring a dental degree first and then three years full-time study to specialise in the practice of Orthodontics only. 

Mark is also the head of orthodontic teaching at Charles Sturt University's faculty of Dentistry, having the position of adjunct senior lecturer, and also lectures at universities and conferences both nationally and internationally. 

Teaching and lectures can be stimulating and Mark had the pleasure of giving a major lecture at the NSW Dental Convention held in Bathurst last year.  

Mark loves sport and has played cricket, rugby, touch football, squash and tennis, and enjoys watching rugby union and league, AFL, hockey, basketball and other sports.

He also looks forward to a Wednesday night Bridge game.