Climate report highlights risks to Bathurst wildlife

LAUNCH: Nature Conservation Council campaigns director Daisy Barham.
LAUNCH: Nature Conservation Council campaigns director Daisy Barham.

A NEW report on the risks climate change poses to the local environment will be launched in Bathurst on Wednesday night.

The report by the Nature Conservation Council – Hot, dry, and deadly: Impacts of Climate Change on Nature in NSW – draws together the latest research to highlight the harm global warming is doing to nature across the state. 

It will be launched at a free public event at 6pm at the Rahamim Ecology Centre at an event co-hosted by the Bathurst Climate Action Network.

“Come along and hear how ecosystems and species in the Central West, Central Tablelands, and across the state will be affected by climate change. Learn also how you can be part of the solution,” Nature Conservation Council campaigns director Daisy Barham said.

“Species and ecosystems in NSW have suffered many blows over the past 200 years, with land clearing, invasive species, and changed fire regimes taking a terrible toll. Eight species in the region are already believed to be extinct and more than 170 are threatened or vunlnerable.

“Now climate change is a significant new threat that could push species like the koala and regent honeyeater and ecosystems like grassy box woodlands over the brink if we don’t act quickly to reduce carbon emissions.”

At the launch, the Nature Conservation Council will invite people to join the #Repower campaign, a national movement of communities who want to accelerate the transition to renewable energy needed to protect the climate, nature, and farm productivity.

Register for the launch at, email network organiser Jacqui Mumford at, or phone 9516 1488.