A strong last sale as recess beckons

FIRM: Wool prices.
FIRM: Wool prices.

THE wool market has held firm in the last sale before a three-week recess across the nation.

The fine wools were slightly dearer across the week while the medium to broad merinos were around 15c/kg cheaper.

The fine crossbreds were up 20c/kg and the 28 to 30 microns were up around 10c/kg.

The northern market indicator finished the week on 1588c/kg, down just 5c/kg.

The northern market indicator averaged 1578c/kg for the financial year, 250c/kg up on the previous year.

The market should open strongly after the recess if the forward prices are anything to go by as they are showing good demand out to October, at least.

Mark Horsburgh, TWG Landmark