Howick Street peeping Tom caught looking through bathroom window

A PEEPING Tom caught looking through the bathroom window of a Howick Street home has been convicted and charged on three offences

William John Barry, 52, also of Howick Street, appeared in person and unrepresented before magistrate Michael Allen charged with peeping or prying, entering enclosed lands without lawful excuse and common assault.

Police facts tendered to the court told how at 10pm on June 6 this year, Barry stood on outdoor furniture to look inside the victim’s bathroom window.

The woman was in her bathroom when she heard someone outside.

She told her partner who went outside and shone a torch on the accused who was standing on a chair he had moved from the yard to beneath the bathroom window.

The partner challenged Barry who was seen to run back towards Howick Street, and the man gave chase.

Barry fell over and the partner caught up to him and a physical altercation ensued with a number of punches thrown by both men before Barry managed to flee. 

After the altercation the man noticed Barry had dropped a set of keys, which were retained and provided to the police.

At 3.55pm on June 8, Barry was arrested and taken to Bathurst police station. 

He took part in a recorded interview where he stated he had been heavily consuming alcohol on June 6.

He initially denied being on the grounds of the victim's house or looking through the window, but then said he could not be sure due to his level of intoxication. 

He admitted to being in a scuffle with another man for reasons unknown. Barry was shown the keys seized by the witness and he agreed they were his keys. 

Police facts tendered to the court noted that over the previous few months the victim had suspected someone had been outside her premises on a number of occasions as she had heard footprints on the pebbles and later found outdoor furniture had been moved under her bathroom window.

While the incidents were not reported to police she had discussed them and had gone to the extent of taping up the edges of the blinds on her bathroom window.

On the charge of peep or pry, Barry was convicted and fined $200. For entering enclosed lands without lawful excuse, he was convicted and fined $400.

On the common assault charge he was convicted and placed on a Section 9 Bond for 12 months