OPINION: Windradyne Whisperer with Lachlan Sullivan

THE large number of “above the line” tickets for the local government election is raising some concern among electors within the Bathurst region. 

FRESH WORRIES: Fruit and vegetables is proving a difficult category for new businesses in Bathurst. And it might not get any easier.

FRESH WORRIES: Fruit and vegetables is proving a difficult category for new businesses in Bathurst. And it might not get any easier.

While the candidates have convinced themselves that having an above the line ticket is the best way to go to get their number one or even their number two position holder elected, voters themselves are expressing concerns about who else may be preferenced as a result of voting one above the line. 

The solution is simple for the thinking voter!

Vote one through nine below the line for all who you believe will make good councillors.

Regrettably, no one really cares about local government elections, hence the appeal of the easy option to vote above the line. 

So if you vote above the line, don't complain about the result later. 

A bigger Macquarie River park? That’s very 1883

THEY say everything old is new again and this certainly seems the case for those advocating the creation of a New York-style central park along the river to Eglinton.

In 1883, candidate DR Spencer suggested tree plantings and an artificial dam to attract visitors from throughout the colony. 

Likewise, the creation of Bicentennial Park was the first stage of beautifying manageable sections of the Macquarie River.

Considering council's outdoor staff struggle to maintain the existing parklands throughout the city, however, I’d suggest that creating a park that stretches from Bathurst out to Eglinton would be nothing more than a significant additional impost on ratepayers.

Movement at the Mount? We’ll have to wait and see

LOCAL shooters from both clubs located within the Mount Panorama precinct have expressed concerns that Bathurst Regional Council plans to kick them off the Mount when the proposed Second Circuit is created on the southwestern side of McPhillamy Park. 

The Rifle Club events do restrict motorsport activities on the Mount, and while I fully support the circuit proposal, I also fully support the retention of both clubs on suitable grounds.

I'm sure council likewise will do everything in its power to find a new home for both clubs if required.

This latest fruit and veg closure leaves a bad taste

THE site of the original Harris Farm in the Bathurst City Centre has become the graveyard of yet another fruit and veg shop with the latest shop closing its doors last week. 

Fruit and veg is extremely competitive, especially as the major supermarkets have significantly lifted their game in recent years.

More and more consumers prefer the convenience of buying all their groceries under the one roof - to the detriment of smaller businesses.

Thumbs up

THINKING voters having the option to vote one through nine below the line to elect who they want elected, not who the ticket wants elected.

Thumbs down

THE talk that council is looking to “kick” both gun clubs off Mount Panorama by 2020.

                                                      - LACHLAN SULLIVAN