Thornberry Martial Arts Centre excel at ISKA Winter Challenge

THORNBERRY Martial Arts Centre is still on a high from its top 10 performance at the recent ISKA Winter Challenge at Windsor.

The Bathurst club walked away with 22 medals.

“As for a total club performance we managed to finish in sixth. When we heard that, it was quite a shock for us. They announce the scores as the day goes on, and when we heard our place that was amazing,” Dale Thornberry said.

“It’s a major achievement for us to finish that high as a small club. It’s a testament to their training and it shows that Bathurst competitors can compete with the big city guys,” Rod Thornberry added.

“I thought Felicity Vella was a standout. She was our nominated team captain for the day and not only was she fantastic when competing, she was great in giving support to the rest of the team.”

Vella was first in Kata, Sumo, Full Contact Sparring and Clash Sparring, along with two other placings.

Kobe Vella (sumo and sword combat), Phoenix Vella (Traditional Weapons), Dean Asimus (kata and Traditional Weapons), Chloe Gibbons (point sparring) and Dale Thornberry (Traditional Weapons, sword combat, clash sparring, team sparring and full contact sparring) collected a large haul of victories.

Tanya Vella (fourth in kata), Mikayla Asimus (third in point sparring and traditional weapons), Justin Loxley (third in sword combat, fourth in kata, sumo and traditional weapons), Hannah Gibbons (second in point sparring, third in kata) and Tegan Gibbons (fourth in kata) picked up handy results.