Students see how things flow at plant

STUDENTS from Carenne School were able to learn more about how they get their water during a special tour on Tuesday.

Bathurst’s Water Filtration Plant was opened to the school as part of Local Government Week. 

Plant supervisor David Cashen led the tour, showing students the different components of the plant and explaining what they each do. 

They also got to see inside the laboratory, where all the reservoirs around Bathurst are monitored. 

Carenne School teacher Adam Ryan said the students were fascinated by the experience and would be asking a lot of questions when they got back to school.

He has taken students from Macquarie Tutorial Centre to the plant before and felt Carenne students would like the experience.

“I thought it was a valuable experience then and, working at Carenne School this year, I thought it would be good to get them involved,” Mr Ryan said. “It ties in well with school and learning about the community.”