OPINION: Letters to the editor of the Western Advocate

I REFER to the Windradyne Whisperer (“It’s line time, but be careful where you put your number”, August 7) and perhaps if the Whisperer is going to provide guidance, please ensure that guidance is accurate.

To answer the question as to above the line voting, the elector’s preferences flow down that group but that group only, unless the elector in turn offers a second (and third, etc) preference to another group above the line.

Above the line votes flow in candidate order downwards, with only those votes excess to quota by a formula being available to the next candidate when the former is elected and so on in turn.

With respect to below the line voting, the elector only has to preference five candidates one through five, not nine as suggested for it to be a formal and valid vote.

Yes, they can nominate further preferences if they wish, limited only by the number of candidates in the field, not the number to be elected. As long as they vote for five candidates it is entirely up to the elector how many or few they preference.

Given that you can vote below the line for individual candidates, regardless if they are in a group or not, demonstrates that any candidate can be successful, regardless of their position in a group.

If they attract sufficient support, they will be successful.

Stuart Driver, candidate, Bathurst