Right clothes mean more than looking the part

TRAINING: Stepping out.
TRAINING: Stepping out.

HOW’D you go in the first quarter of the 7POINT5 Program? Did you smash out those record times?

In this fortnight’s session, we are going to crank up the intensity. How? By extending our distance by one kilometre!

The format of the program will stay the same as the previous session except for the next two weeks we will now be jogging at a distance of four kilometres.

The clothing you wear to work out in is just as important as bringing water with you.

Clothing has many functions, and it is important to choose the right outfit for the activity you are performing and for the conditions you will be performing it in.

With a little preparation, you can choose the perfect clothing for your workout.

In hot weather, the right clothing can help prevent heat-related illnesses.

Loose clothing allows air to cool your body and evaporate sweat. Choose light colours instead of dark to reflect the sun’s rays away from your body.

In cold weather, choosing easily layered clothing allows you to remove clothes as you heat up and add layers if you become cold from sweat.

A polypropylene layer near your body can absorb the sweat, so you won't become chilled when it evaporates.

If you have chosen a course that has traffic be sure to wear an item of clothing that stands out, this helps drivers see you while you’re in the zone of making those personal best times.

Head protection is always essential. In winter, choose a warm hat to insulate your head and in warmer months, a light hat to shield your head from the sun.

Shoes are extremely important for physical activity, especially for high-impact exercises such as running.

Most sports stores sell specialty sneakers for different types of exercise such as running, cross-training and basketball.

Don’t forget to stretch after every session, it’s just as important as the workout itself.

If at any time during this program you have any questions, need advice, want to know more about our group fitness classes or want to arrange a time to meet up for a chat, email me at info@cityfitbathurst.com. au using 7Point5 Program in the subject line, or leave a comment on our Facebook page.