Fine for man who punched a police car

A MAN who smashed the rear panel window of a police car has been convicted and fined $300.

Quinton Christopher Carberry, 21, of Payne Close, Kelso, appeared before Bathurst Local Court, where he was convicted of destroying or damaging property.

A second charge of resisting an officer in the execution of duty was dealt with by way of a Section 10A.

Police facts tendered to the court told how police attended a property in Trinity Place on July 8 in relation to an intoxicated person refusing to leave the location. 

When police arrived, they found a woman sitting out the front, who told police there was someone refusing to leave the house. 

Police approached the person refusing to leave and told her she was no longer welcome at the residence due to her level of intoxication.

But her behaviour became erratic and she told police: “I’ll fight you, mother [expletive]. I ain’t moving ’til you move me you [expletive] [expletive].”

The woman then began arguing with Carberry, allegedly lunging at him, and police pulled her off Carberry, who then started to kick and yell.

At that moment, five people ran from the house. Police were trying to restrain the intoxicated person when Carberry and another person allegedly tried to stop police from restraining the woman.

Carberry and a co-accused tried to hinder police. He was told to step away or be sprayed with capsicum spray, as police feared a violent confrontation was likely.

All persons continued to hinder police. Carberry was yelling and kicking and ran back to the house and dragged chairs from the verandah, throwing them at police.

He then ran at police vehicle Bathurst 15 and punched the rear quarter panel, causing it to smash.

Police called for urgent assistance as the situation escalated.

Additional police arrived and Carberry was arrested and taken to Bathurst Base Hospital for treatment to his hand, before being taken to Bathurst Police Station and charged for damaging the police car.