A bit of high voltage rock on the airwaves

BACK IN BLACK: The album AC/DC Live will feature on Thursday afternoon’s Back To Vinyl with Ron Gibson.

BACK IN BLACK: The album AC/DC Live will feature on Thursday afternoon’s Back To Vinyl with Ron Gibson.

IF you like AC/DC, well this afternoon is for those about to rock as Back To Vinyl with Ron Gibson is featuring tracks from the bands remastered double “Live” album first released back in 1992.

The album contains a whole swag of Acca Dacca classics including Jailbreak, Thunderstruck, Back In Black, High Voltage, Highway To Hell and TNT to mention just a few.

AC/DC Live shot to number 1 on the 1992 albums charts, as they are one of the rare bands that can sound just as good if not better live. Tracks on the album were recorded at Donington Park in England, Moscow, Canada, Glasgow and Birmingham England.

… And if that isn’t enough for you, Ron’s second album for the afternoon is the Rolling Stones’ Hot Rocks covering their 1964 to 1971 period.

So if you like a Honky Tonk Woman or want to jump around like Jack Flash and can handle a 19th Nervous Breakdown tune in from 2pm for Back To Vinyl.  

Make it count

ONCE you recover from AC/DC and the Stones you should be ready for this week’s Retro Top 40 on Saturday afternoon where the theme will be numbers.

Numbers in song titles like Eight Days a Week from the Beatles, numbers such as ages Happy Birthday Sweet 16 or maybe years like The Summer of 69, possibly time with Dolly Parton and 9 to 5 or even telephone numbers with 5705 from City Boy, plus many more.

That’s this Saturday between 4 and 6 on “Retro Top” with Tim Williams on 93.5FM.

Vital service

ONE of the most pleasing things about radio and in particular community radio is that the service acts as a companion for many people who are alone or are without local family or close friends.

2MCE receives regular calls from people who are alone or housebound due to illness, frailty or lack of mobility and are often alone and the radio and the sound of local voices and content is a very valuable and welcome addition to their daily life.

The radio becomes a vital source of information and entertainment as well as becoming a familiar companion.

The daily ‘talking newspaper’ segment at noon Monday to Friday is another unique community radio concept for those who are vision impaired or have trouble reading for themselves.

Local and national news updates also play an important role in keeping people in touch with their communities as is the Cool Climate Living program on a Friday with an encore each Wednesday. 

The station also receives feedback from many former local residents who tune in over the internet via streaming (2MCE.org) as they catch up on what’s happening from their former hometown and region. This was never more evident than during last weekend’s local government elections