Bathurst hopefuls in the mix to win 2017 Edgell Jog

AND THEY'RE OFF: Competitors at last year's Edgell Jog, which was plagued by wet weather. Photo: CHRIS SEABROOK
AND THEY'RE OFF: Competitors at last year's Edgell Jog, which was plagued by wet weather. Photo: CHRIS SEABROOK

Runners are set to lace up their shoes for the 42nd staging of the Edgell Jog on Sunday and there is a chance a new name will appear on the winners’ list.

Last year Kevin O’Brien claimed a 20-second win over Bathurst’s Brandon Martin, but the pair are unlikely to compete this Sunday according to the Edgell Jog committee. 

Even in the absence of that duo, Wes Gibson, who finished third last year, believes it might be a challenge for him to claim victory in what will be his seventh Edgell Jog. 

“I don’t think I’m in any shape to win it this year, but I think the main goal is not to win the race but to do my best,” he said.

“I’ll be happy to run well and I just want to run as fast as I can.”

Gibson has tipped fellow Bathurst runner Zak Brown to be amongst the contenders on Sunday.

“A guy I’ve been sort of helping out as a coach – Zak Brown – is running really well,” he said.

“He’s been running really well at [Bathurst] Parkrun each week, so he’s running a few PBs [personal bests]. I think he’ll be the one to beat, locally, this year. He’ll run a pretty good time.

“It’ll be good to see Zak do well because he’s been training quite hard and hopefully I can keep up with him on the day.”

Orange runner Mitch Williamson is also expected to make the trip to Bathurst to compete in the Edgell Jog. Gibson rates him highly as well. 

“I think he’ll be one of the favourites to win depending on who shows up from out of Bathurst and the area,” he said.

Gibson has been competing in half marathons to prepare himself for this year’s jog. 

“I’ve had a big couple of weeks with Mudgee and Dubbo,” he said. 

“I’m just trying to get ready to prepare myself and then I’ve got another half marathon in two weeks and Carcoar in November.”

He also praised the 7.5 kilometre race and it’s place in the Bathurst community.  

“It’s a good spot to start and finish and it’s got a good challenge throughout, with the hills,” he said. 

“I think the way it’s presented makes it a really good country event. It’s a good feeling to be involved.

“If I get to the top of Esrom Street feeling good, I’ll be pretty happy.”

The jog starts at 10.30am on Sunday, see