Fine weather attracts fitness fans to the Edgell Jog | Video

READY TO RUN: The Busby Medical Practice team before the jog. Photo:CHRIS SEABROOK 091717cejog2
READY TO RUN: The Busby Medical Practice team before the jog. Photo:CHRIS SEABROOK 091717cejog2

PERFECT weather conditions ensured a bumper crowd for Sunday’s 42nd Edgell Jog.

In contrast to last year’s event, when it poured down rain for the entire morning, the sun shone down on runners as they warmed up for the 7.5km event.

This year’s jog attracted a field of well over 800 runners, with over half of those registering on line.

Many more just turned up on the day, registering before the event.

Ray Stapley, committee member described the jog as one of the best on record.

 “We had 800 plus entries, it’s the best day we’ve had in a while.

“The weather was absolutely fantastic and everything has gone well we are really happy.

 “Everything was set up on time, we haven’t got the rain we had last year, everything has gone well.”

Before the run, Mayor of Bathurst, Graeme Hanger predicted a very fast track and he was on the money, with Rorey Hunter, the first runner back, recording a record time of 22.40.

Cr Hanger congratulated everyone involved in the event and for bringing it to Bathurst.

He welcomed Sunday’s glorious weather saying it was a stark contrast to recent days.

“Sunscreen has been the order of the day, last week it was umbrellas, so we’ve been really lucky.”

Greg Griffiths, an Edgell Jog committee member said it was an enormous task setting up on the day.

He said a band of volunteers started at about 6.45am, and worked through the morning putting up barriers, tables and setting up the track.

“We had about 40 volunteers from a group of community organisations, it’s a massive job putting up signs and checkpoints and they’ve done an amazing job.”

One entrant in the jog, Louise Warry, couldn’t wait  for the race to start.

A practice manager for Busby Medical Practice, Louise organised a team of 20 participants.

The group entered the jog for the first time last year, and weren’t put off by the terrible weather.

“It’s a great community event, and we love to be part of it.”

Malcolm and Christine Meader came all the way from Abu Dhabi to take part in the run.

Friends of John Roberts the couple have long talked about coming to Bathurst and running in the jog.

“We went on a sailing trip a couple of years ago with other couples from Bathurst, we’ve talking about doing the jog for years, this year we’re actually here so it’s a great coincidence,” they said.

First time entrant Bradley Jurd, said he decided to do the jog because it seemed like fun. He entered with two friends who also wanted to be part of the community event.

He said he part walked and part ran the course.