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HAND ON THE LAND: Member for Bathurst Paul Toole says Local Land Services will help landowners understand the Land Management and Biodiversity Conservation Act.
HAND ON THE LAND: Member for Bathurst Paul Toole says Local Land Services will help landowners understand the Land Management and Biodiversity Conservation Act.

New play equipment is a boost for families in Kelso

FAMILIES in Kelso will soon get to enjoy the new playground at Jarrah Park, Kelso, with the recent installation of play equipment.

Jarrah Park, located off Jarrah Court, has new swings, rockers, climbing structures and slides. The area surrounding the playground includes new seating, pathways, vehicle control fencing and tree planting.

The playground is a safe and vibrant space that demonstrates council’s commitment to maintaining and improving playgrounds in the region.

The works cost approximately $50,000 and the playground equipment is expected to be open for use within the first week of the school holidays.

Cubis Park Sports Field

MORE than $100,000 will be spent on Cubis Park in Eglinton to improve the surface of the sports field.

The upgrades are a result of an ongoing program to develop and improve all sports fields and recreational spaces throughout the Bathurst region.

Seeding of the surface will commence in autumn next year and enhancements that were recently completed include:

  • Scarification of the existing grass surface.
  • Top-dressing of the entire irrigated field area.
  • A verti-drain application, which will aid in improved soil structure, reduce compaction and increase soil aeration.

A second round of the field rejuvenation works is expected to be undertaken in September 2018 to complete the project.

The majority of the renovation activities will be scheduled to occur outside or in between sporting seasons to minimise the impact on sports clubs that use Cubis Park.

- News from Bathurst Regional Council

New equipment for SES units? That’s a lifesaver

MORE than $870,000 worth of lifesaving equipment has been delivered to SES units in the Bathurst electorate, with four new vehicles being dispatched to Bathurst, Lithgow, Portland City and Oberon SES teams.

The new vehicles will mean local volunteers can respond to emergencies safely, quickly and more efficiently.

Our volunteers sacrifice time with family, friends and paid employment for the greater good, so the least we can do is make sure they have the equipment they need.

Over the past 12 months, NSW SES volunteers within the Central West Region have responded to more than 2300 calls for help . They have contributed more than 116,400 volunteer hours of service in responding to calls for help, updating their training and attending community events.

Hospital parking boost

PARKING as a patient or visitor to Bathurst Base Hospital is set to become easier with $1.2 million in funding to be spent on the construction of an estimated 60 to 70 car parking spaces.

The car park construction will start early next year and is anticipated to take six months to complete. This funding is in direct response to community feedback and I’m pleased to be able to deliver the news that our request for funding has been granted.

Boots on the ground

LOCAL Land Services (LLS) is ready to help landowners understand and utilise the new opportunities under the Land Management and Biodiversity Conservation Act.

The NSW Government has funded the LLS to deliver this new service to landholders through a range of services and workshops to make this as simple as possible.

The new approach aims to deliver triple bottom line outcomes for landholders by assisting with long-term planning solutions, support, advice, new products, tools and more flexible land use options.

Over the coming weeks, the LLS will host a series of information sessions focusing on the new framework and its benefits to landholders. Visit www.lls.nsw.gov.au/sustainable-land-management

- Member for Bathurst Paul Toole