Man convicted for having knife and iron bar in car

A MAN caught with a knife and iron bar in his car has been convicted and fined $300 following a brief appearance in Bathurst Local Court.

Gregory Edward Corby, 57, of Kable Close in Kelso, appeared before magistrate Michael Allen charged with having a knife in a public place and an offensive weapon.

Police facts tendered to the court told how Corby was pulled over by police, who were conducting random registration checks in Boyd Street.

Police saw Corby park in the car park of the Kelso Cellars and leave the store a short time later.

Police approached the accused and as they spoke with him, they say he became argumentative and was hostile towards them.

The iron bar is inside the boot of the car because I use it to help change the wheel.

Accused Gregory Edward Corby in Bathurst Local Court

He was aggressive and his pupils were dilated, according to police, and they formed the opinion he was under the influence of a prohibited drug.

They announced their intention to Corby to search the car.

Police found a brown-handled knife in the driver’s door pocket and in the boot they found a black-handled knife and a metal pole which had been adapted with numerous bumps and a string handle.

Police cautioned Corby about the items and he told them: “I have them for protection. I forgot I left them in the car.”

In court, Corby told Mr Allen the knife is “usually in the boot of the car and I use it to cut up rags with to clean the inside of my car”.

“The iron bar is inside the boot of the car because I use it to help change the wheel,” he said.

Mr Allen convicted Corby on both matters.

He fined Corby $150 per offence.