WINDRADYNE WHISPERER: Why don’t we entertain the idea of having more to see in the city?

IF you were not already convinced that Bathurst Regional Council’s contribution of just over $89,000 of ratepayers’ money towards the cost of the Bathurst Kangaroo Project’s relocation of roos from Mount Panorama was farcical, then you must be now.

BIG NAME: Singer Delta Goodrem provided some star power on Pit Straight on Sunday. But does more entertainment need to be provided in the city itself? Photo: SUPERCARS

BIG NAME: Singer Delta Goodrem provided some star power on Pit Straight on Sunday. But does more entertainment need to be provided in the city itself? Photo: SUPERCARS

An ABC Western Plains report on Monday featured a representative of NSW Farmers from the Capertee Valley calling in to complain about whether it was legal for Bathurst Regional Council to dump its roos into an adjoining council area without permission.

The caller also said six roos with ear tags that were not contained within the release property had been shot in a recent cull. 

This kangaroo problem was created by 20 years of "management by avoidance" by both residents surrounding Mount Panorama and council - the largest single owner of land within the same area. 

Just to remind readers, $89,000 could have purchased 127,000 bullets. Problem solved ... with 126,000 bullets to spare, I'd say.

Griffin deserves name fame

WELL, news reported over the weekend that Virgin Australia has objected to council using the name “Velocity Park” for the second circuit at Mount Panorama (Virgin’s concern is said to be that it already has the trademarked Velocity Rewards) is great.

I believe the Velocity Park project name was created to be that "warm, fuzzy, catchy" title to attract the state and federal governments and convince them to commit funding - which it has successfully done.

So now council can create a name that reflects our local motorsport history.

For mine, Martin Griffin, the mayor who convinced the State Government in the early 1930s to fund a tourist drive now known as Mount Panorama, is worthy of consideration. Without his vision, we'd just be another regional city with little or nothing to offer. 

How about Griffin Motorsport Park?

A gap in that thinking

THE Bathurst 1000 had two interruptions caused by errant kangaroos penetrating the temporary fencing set up on the Mount. 

Why do event organisers insist on setting up a fence with at least 250 millimetres of clearance at the bottom which any immature roo can slide under?  

Both roos that entered the track were immature and easily slid under. 

The most economical solution is for council to custom-build fence panels that have a low bottom bar that can be used time and again.

Something missing in CBD

ONCE again, the Great Race Street Fair in Kings Parade on Saturday was an underwhelming experience.

Yes, there were plenty of people wandering around but little, if anything, kept attendees there long. 

In contrast, the upcoming Gold Coast 600 is advertising Friday and Saturday night concerts and international DJs trackside Thursday to Sunday in a Las Vegas-style club sponsored by Vodafone.

Why doesn’t the Great Race Festival have concerts and more action within the city?

Thumbs up

THE Bathurst 1000 appears to get better and better each year. The rain gave Bathurst one extra hour of TV time, too.

Thumbs down

GREAT Race Festival lacking substance. I think the time has come to revamp off-track events to add some life to the city.

                                                     - LACHLAN SULLIVAN